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Lancaster Mennonite Conference
Information for leaders and congregations
January 18, 2017

These bi-weekly UPDATES are shared so that leaders and congregations are aware of events and information taking place in LMC, agencies, fraternal organizations, congregations, and the broader church. These announcements are for your information and to share with others in your congregation through email, weekly bulletin, monthly newsletter, Sunday morning announcements, church website, or Facebook. Use your discretion and share what your congregation will find helpful.

LMC Office Events & Information
Celebration of Church Life 2017
Celebrate!   Celebrate!   Celebrate!
People of all ages enjoy celebrating life - birthdays, anniversaries, holidays. Why not celebrate things that are happening within the church life? Join us for the 2017 Celebration of Church Life.   This annual event will take place on Friday and Saturday, March 17-18, 2017 at the Weaverland Mennonite Church, 210 Weaverland Valley Road in East Earl Pa. To view the complete list of seminars click here. To assist with logistical planning, please register for the meal and your seminars at or call 717-293-5246 ext. 100.

The Church Multiplication Ministry of Lancaster Mennonite Conference
Church On The Other Side (COTOS) 
Acts 20:20  You know that I have not hesitated to preach anything that would be helpful to you, but have taught you publicly and from house to house.

Our 2020 Vision is to see new life in all LMC churches, to see a movement for multiplication in our local churches, and to reach out in mission with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Within Conference churches, we already have a few groups doing church multiplication, like the Garifuna Mennonite Churches, Shalom Hispanic Council, Vietnamese Mennonites in Philadelphia, West End Mennonite Fellowship, and within the Martindale District.
Our purpose is to further open up that missional heart among all our local churches by working and praying for church multiplication and church revitalization. This can only happen by going, making disciples, and baptizing and teaching new believers.
Revitalization of some churches may be needed in places that have been challenged to keep the vision and mission to see new life. We seek to support, recapture, and strengthen the reasons God established each ministry. Church On The Other Side is committed to help.

Multiplying new believers and starting new faith communities is core to Church On The Other Side. We seek to preach the gospel and to encourage churches to establish new communities of faith.
Our desire is to encourage, cooperate with, and walk with you. At all levels of leadership--Pastor, Bishop, Church Leadership, District leaders, or leaders of other groups--we want to see a great network of multiplying churches that will see our neighborhoods, villages, towns, and cities worshiping Jesus.
The 2020 Vision of LMC is to work united with the local churches in developing missional vision. Let's keep moving forward!

For more information or resourcing, contact Omar Guzman at

Multiplication Prayer Gathering 
Every third Thursday of each month 
7-9 p.m. in the Harvest Room, at Landis Homes.
For more information call 717-293-5246 ext. 111.

LMC Youth Workers Monthly Breakfast
On the 4th Tuesday of each month, youth ministry workers gather at 8:00 a.m. at Lyndon Diner in Lancaster, Pa. to share ideas and, encourage and support one another through conversation and prayer.  Anyone involved with youth ministry in any way in Lancaster Mennonite Conference is welcome! Please RSVP on the LMC Youth Workers FB page if you are coming. 
LMC Agency Events & Information
Eastern Mennonite Missions 
Christian + Muslim = friends? 
Heard any of these ideas?
  • All Muslims are militant jihadists.
  • Jesus followers need to hide their faith when relating to Muslims.
  • Muslims are inaccessible or unapproachable.
  • Muslims already have faith and don't need the gospel.
Invite EMM's Christian/Muslim Relations Team to your church to challenge myths like these. Equip your congregation or group for life-giving interaction with Muslims. Work with the team to choose the best mix of core and optional seminar components for your context. Learn more at To book a seminar, email Jonathan Bornman at

Cristiano + musulmán = ¿amigos? 
¿Ha escuchado alguna de las siguientes ideas?
  • Todos los musulmanes son yihadistas militantes.
  • Los seguidores de Jesús deben ocultar su fe cuando se relacionan con musulmanes.
  • Los musulmanes son inaccesibles.
  • Los musulmanes ya tienen fe y no necesitan del evangelio.
Invite al Equipo de Relaciones entre Cristianos y Musulmanes a su iglesia para desafiar mitos similares a estos. Capacite a su congregación o grupo para tener interacción vivificante con los musulmanes. Trabaje con el Equipo para elegir la mejor combinación de componentes básicos y opcionales de un seminario aplicable a su contexto. Obtenga mayor información visitando Para reservar fechas para un seminario, envíe un correo electrónico a Jonathan Bornman a

Launch into life on mission 
Want to learn cross-cultural disciple-making skills that will launch you into life on mission? Explore mission internship possibilities at
Develop a Christian camp in Chile. Teach English in the Czech Republic. Start a business in Central Asia. Or intern in a social impact business right here in North America. Four to twelve month assignments for those 18 and older.
Impulsados hacia una vida en misión 
¿Desea aprender habilidades interculturales de discipulado que le impulsarán a tener toda una vida en misión? Explore las posibilidades de un internado o pasantía en misiones visitando

Desarrolle un campamento cristiano en Chile. Enseñe Inglés en la República Checa. Inicie un negocio en Asia Central. O sea un interno o pasante en un negocio de impacto social aquí mismo en Norteamérica. Posiciones de cuatro a doce meses para mayores de 18 años.
Missional Pathways
Missional Pathways is a network for mission involvement. It connects people with the skills, opportunities, resources, and expertise necessary to make their missional impulses a reality. Missional Pathways serves as an extension of its sponsoring congregations and mission organizations, linking people together for increased effectiveness in mission.

Are you sensing an impulse? Ready for an adventure? Active in a venture? Wherever you are on your journey into missions, Missional Pathways is here to help. To request a meeting with a staff person, please write to or call 717 584-4404 (if no answer, leave a voicemail or send a text). To learn more, visit

Missional Pathways
Missional Pathways (Sendas misioneras) es un sistema de interrelaciones para la participación en misiones. Conecta a las personas con los conocimientos, oportunidades, experiencia, y recursos necesarios para hacer realidad sus impulsos misionales. Missional Pathways sirve como una extensión de las congregaciones y organizaciones misioneras que la patrocinan, conectando a las personas para lograr una mayor eficacia en misiones.
¿Siente usted un impulso? ¿Está listo para una aventura? ¿Está activo en una aventura? Dondequiera que se encuentre en su viaje a las misiones, Missional Pathways está aquí para ayudar. Para solicitar una cita con un miembro del staff, por favor escriba a
o llame al 717 584-4404 (si no hay respuesta, deje un voicemail o envíe un texto). Para mas información, visite 
Want to become a disciple who makes disciples?
Multipliers is a mentored group of disciples committed to learning about and sharing disciple-making principles. Meet weekly with like-minded people for accountability and encouragement as you practice the four concepts of EMM's Scripture-based discipleship philosophy: relationship, obedience, transformation, and multiplication. With coaching from EMM staff, take practical steps to implement discipleship methods in church and community. Bring back simple skills to empower your congregation to multiply disciples. The next group begins in January. For more information, visit or contact Troy Landis at 717 898-2251 ext. 245.

¿Quiere llegar a ser un discípulo que hace discípulos?
Multipliers (multiplicadores) es un grupo de discípulos con mentores comprometido a aprender y compartir principios de cómo hacer discípulos. Reúnase semanalmente con personas que piensan en forma similar para dar cuenta y ser alentado a medida que practica los cuatro conceptos de la filosofía de discipulado de EMM basados en la Escritura: relación, obediencia, transformación, y multiplicación. Con entrenamiento provisto por personal de EMM, tome medidas prácticas para implementar métodos de discipulado en la iglesia y en la comunidad. Recupere habilidades simples para darle a su congregación la capacidad para multiplicar discípulos. El próximo grupo comienza en enero. Para mayor información, visite o póngase en contacto con Troy Landis en el 717 898-2251 ext 245.

Revitalize your church
Help your congregation embrace a Christlike joy and vitality that can touch the world! Invite Church Revitalization Coach Antonio Ulloa to teach a three- to five-session series on topics like personal and corporate renewal, worship, and life in the Spirit. Your congregation, small group, Sunday school class, church retreat, or renewal meeting can spill over with the blessings found in Christ!

"Our time with Antonio was the source of new life, renewal, and encouragement for our congregation." - David L. Gehman, pastor, Parkesburg Mennonite Church

Book a series with Antonio Ulloa at or 717 898-2251 ext. 242. Visit to learn more.

Revitalice su iglesia
¡Ayude a su congregación a encontrar un gozo y vitalidad a la imagen de Cristo que los capacite para tocar el mundo! Invite a Antonio Ulloa, nuestro consultor de revitalización de iglesias, para que enseñe una serie de tres a cinco sesiones en temas tales como la renovación personal y colectiva, la adoración, y la vida en el Espíritu. Su congregación, grupo pequeño, clase de escuela dominical, retiro, o reuniones de avivamiento pueden desbordarse con las bendiciones que se encuentran en Cristo!

"Nuestro tiempo con Antonio fue una fuente de nueva vida, renovación, y ánimo para nuestra congregación". - David L. Gehman, pastor, Parkesburg Mennonite Church

Reserve su espacio para una serie con Antonio Ulloa a través de o 717 898-2251 ext. 242. Visite para obtener mayor información.

A new missions resource - for kids!
Help little ones experience other cultures through a new feature in EMM's Missionary Messenger! A new kids' page, "Friends around the world," will appear in each issue of Missionary Messenger beginning in January 2017. Kids will learn about the life of an EMM missionary kid and encounter a new culture through games, quizzes, activities, crafts, and more. Want to distribute the kids' page in a group or classroom? Visit to find a printable version.

Un nuevo recurso de misiones, ¡para niños!
¡Ayude a que los pequeños puedan experimentar otras culturas a través de una nueva sección en la revista Misssionary Messenger de EMM! Una nueva página para niños, "Amigos alrededor del mundo", aparecerá en cada publicación de la revista comenzando en enero del 2017. Los niños aprenderán acerca de la vida de un niño misionero de EMM y tendrán un encuentro con una nueva cultura a través de juegos, cuestionarios, actividades, artesanías, y mucho más. ¿Desea distribuir esta página en un grupo o en un aula? Visite para encontrar una versión que se puede imprimir.


Annual Music Night
Join us for another great night of music on Saturday, January 28 at 7 p.m. Hear the male chorus, Men with a Song; Verdi baritone John Bucher Herr; Mindy Nolt and Jared Hankee; and the women's ensemble for Mennonite Heritage Chorale. Enjoy lively congregational signing led by Merle Good. Tickets are $22 for individuals, $15 per person for households of three or more. Register at , or by calling (717) 393-9745. Tickets available at door while they last.
Noche de Música Anual
Ven a otra gran noche de música el sábado 28 de enero a las 7 p.m. Escucha un coro de hombres, Men with a Song; un barítono Verdi, John Bucher Herr; Mindy Nolt y Jared Hanke; y un coro de mujeres del Mennonite Heritage Chorale. Goza también de himnos congregacionales dirigidos por Merle Good. Boletos cuestan $22 por persona, $15 por persona para familias de tres o más. Inscríbete en o llamando al (717) 393-9745. Los boletos estarán disponibles en la puerta mientras duren.

A Taste for Fraktur
Emily Smucker-Beidler will help you become acquainted with the imagery of fraktur in this folk art class. She will teach it on Saturday, February 4, from 9 a.m. until noon at Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society-2215 Millstream Rd., Lancaster, Pa. The cost is $70 members/$80 nonmembers. Materials are included. Register by January 28 at, or by calling (717) 393-9745.

Apreciando el Fraktur 
Emily Sumucher-Beidler te familiarizará con las imágenes de fraktur en esta clase de artesanía folclórica. La clase se enseñará el sábado, 4 de febrero, de 9 a.m. hasta el mediodía en la Sociedad Histórica Menonita de Láncaster-2215 Millstream Rd., Lancaster, Pa. La clase cuesta $70 para miembros/$80 para no-miembros. Los materiales están incluídos. Inscríbete para el 29 de enero en , o llamando al (717) 393-9745. 
Winter Bookfest
Discover quality used books from the most popular categories of the summer Bookworm Frolic such as children's books, fiction, and history. This sale runs from 3 to 8 p.m. on Thursday February 16; 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Friday, February 17; and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday, February 18.

Festival Invernal de Libros
Descubre libros usados de calidad de las categorías más populares del Festival de Libros en el verano tales como libros para niños, ficción e historia. Esta venta se llevará a cabo de 3 a 8 p.m. el jueves 16 de febrero; 9 a.m. a 8 p.m. el viernes, 17 de febrero; y de 9 a.m. a 6 p.m. el sábado 18 de febrero.
Plush Work Wool Embroidery
Anne Hermes will lead this workshop on Saturday, February 11, from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.  Students will study examples of antique and vintage plush-work and learn how to stitch, trim and sculpt a plush-work design. Cost is $70 for members/$80 for nonmembers. Materials are included. Register by February 4 at  or by calling (717) 393-9745.

Trabajo Acolchado en Bordado de Lana
Anne Hermes dirigirá este taller el sábado 11 de febrero, de 9:30 a.m. a 2:30 p.m. Los participantes estudiarán ejemplos de trabajo acolchado antiguo y clásico y aprenderán a bordar, cortar y esculpir un diseño acolchonado.  El precio es $70 para miembros/$80 para no-miembros. Los materiales están incluídos. Inscríbete para el 4 de febrero en , o llamando al (717) 393-9745.
Grain Painting
Jim King, local fancy painter, will teach how to false-grain a small box with ball feet during this folk art class on Saturday, February 18 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society-2215 Millstream Rd., Lancaster, Pa. Cost is $70 for members/$80 for nonmembers. Materials are included. Register by February 10 at , or by calling (717) 393-9745.

Pintando Vetas Falsas
Jim King, pintor de adorno local, enseñará cómo pintar vetas falsas sobre una pequeña caja de madera con patas redondas.  Esta clase de artesanía folclórica se llevará a cabo el sábado 18 de febrero de 9 a.m. hasta las 12 p.m. en la Sociedad Histórica Menonita de Láncaster-2215 Millstream Rd., Lancaster, Pa. El costo es $70 para miembros/$8 para no-miembros. Los materiales están incluídos. Inscríbete para el 10 de febrero en , o llamando al (717) 393-9745.

School-Wide Open House 
Thursday, January 26, 6-8:30 p.m. 
Lancaster Mennonite School will hold a school-wide open house Thursday, January 26, from 6 to 8:30 p.m. at its six campuses:  Hershey (K-12), Kraybill (PreK-8) in Mount Joy, Lancaster (grades 6-12), Locust Grove (PreK-8) in E. Lampeter Township, New Danville (PreK-5), and its new PreK program at Saint James Episcopal Church in downtown Lancaster. The open house will include guided tours and an opportunity to meet teachers and administrators. For more information about these campuses and open house, see

Save The Date
Clergy and Lay Leaders are invited to the 2017 Landis Communities Clergy Breakfast. 7:30 to 9:00 AM Thursday, April 27th. West Community Room at Landis Homes, 1001 East Oregon Road, Lititz, PA 17543. Author Dave Witmer and other will be sharing on the theme 'The Church and "Post Career' Adults: New Models for Changing Times" to RSVP call (717) 381-3526 or email

Memory Loss Support Group LANDIS HOMES
The first Memory Loss Support Group of the year will be held Tuesday January 31 at 7 PM. The group will be viewing a DVD from Teepa Snow, one of the leading educators on dementia.  The meeting takes place in The Heritage, Warwick Room at Landis Homes 1001 East Oregon Road, Lititz, PA 17543.  For more information call (717) 581-3939 or email 

Local artist Helena Dueck will show oils and watercolors as well as her fiber art at a show beginning February 8 at Landis Homes.  The opening reception, to which the public is welcome, will be held from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, February 8, in the Harvest View lobby and galleries. Landis Homes is located at 1001 E Oregon Road, Lititz. A snow date has also been set for February 22. The works will continue to be on display through April. For more information, call 717-381-3550 or visit the web site at

Seeking Music Volunteers 
Landis Homes is seeking music volunteers - small group singing or individual instrumental:  piano/organ, accordion, violin, guitar, Autoharp or harmonica or any combination!  Please contact Volunteer Services at 717-509-5409 for additional information.  
LMC Fraternal Ministries Events & Information
Camp Hebron
January 27-29, 2017
Are you ready to make a dent in those piles of photos waiting for albums? Enjoy an atmosphere of fellowship, laughter, and of course, time to work on your scrapbooks.

February 24-26, 2017
Looking for spiritual refreshment? Escape the circus at home and reconnect with God at Camp Hebron's Women's Retreat, featuring speaker and blogger, Bonni Greiner and worship led by Annie Brown

Young Adult Retreat
March 10-12, 2017
Come away for a weekend of relaxation, inspiration, and warm fellowship with other young adults. Small Groups welcome! Optional activities include board games, hiking, sports, and lots of coffee. Sessions led by Mark & Lisa Kutolowski & worship led by Kutz Music
Garden Spot Village
Saturday Evening Concert Series
Saturday, January, 21, 7 p.m. 
Garden Spot Village invites the public to come out for an evening of fun and music with a showing of a silent film accompanied by organist Wayne Zimmerman, on Saturday, Jan. 21, at 7 p.m.

"The combination of a silent film and a live musical score is a popular event that we hope our friends in the community will come out to enjoy with us," said Colleen Musselman, director of life enrichment at Garden Spot Village.

All concerts begin at 7 p.m. in the chapel at Garden Spot Village, 433 S. Kinzer Ave., New Holland. The concerts are free and open to the public. Donations will be accepted at the door.

For more information, call 717-355-6000.
Centering Prayer Retreat
Kairos: School of Spiritual Formation is offering a Centering Prayer Retreat on Saturday, February 4, 2017 from 9 -4 pm at the Jesuit Center in Wernersville. Todd Friesen, lead pastor of East Chestnut Street Mennonite will be the facilitator. Centering Prayer is a way of praying that deepens our relationship with God and God's presence within us through being still and "resting in God' in silence. Todd will provide instruction as well as able time for silent prayer. For additional information please visit the Kairos website (click here).  
Early bird registration deadline is January 6, 2017.
No Longer Alone Ministries 
Family Support Group
Sunday, January 22, 2017, 3-5 p.m.
Rossmere Mennonite Church, 741 Janet Ave, Lancaster
FSG brings Christian support for families and friends of loved ones with mental illness. There are informative topics to enhance insight and understanding of mental illness. 
Click here for more information. 
PATHS to Discovery Support Group
PATHS participants experience fellowship, encouragement, and mutual support for their personal journeys with mental illness.
Click here for more information 
  • First and third Tuesday of each month from 2 -3 :30 p.m. at Aspire Community Center, 45 E Main St, Mt Joy.
  • First, third, and fourth Thursday of each month from 11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. at NLAM location, 630 Janet Ave, Room B103, Lancaster.
  • Second Thursday of each month from 11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. at The Salvation Army, 121 S Queen St, Lancaster.
  • Third Wednesday of each month from 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. at The Factory Ministries, 3098 Lincoln Hwy E, Paradise.
Feeling generous?
The excitement and joy our clients experience at the annual client Christmas Party is something to behold.  For many of them this is their only Christmas celebration.
As we prepare once again for this festive event, we are seeking gift-givers like yourself to donate $20-25 gift cards that we can include in a gift bag of tasty treats and small personal/household items.  Would you be willing to donate a card or two?  You can either purchase a card(s) and bring it to  the office, or send a check designated for client gift cards in the amount you wish to contribute.  If you choose to purchase a card, please consider businesses such as grocery stores, gas stations, department stores, or restaurants as these are the most useful to our clients.
To help us plan accordingly, an indication of your willingness to make a donation is requested as soon as possible ( Thank you for considering this opportunity!
Transition to Community: The Potter's House 
Heroin Epidemic
It's in your community. It's in your congregation. Potter's House is teaming with the Goal Project to bring a two part seminar to help congregations identify the problem and create safe environments for haling and hope for the  addict and their families/support groups. The seminar will be held at Conestoga Church of the Brethren in Leola and will be offered in two parts. The first session was held on Tuesday, January 17 (6:30 - 9:00). It focused on the spiritual, physical and social impacts of the problem. We heared from Pastor Samuel Mwangi CAC of Naaman Center, District Attorney Craig Stedman, Counselor John Pacewicz of Empowering for Life and a family testimony from Marj Paradise. It closed with a panel discussion on crating safe environments in our congregations. The second part will be held on Tuesday, January 31 (6:30- 9:00)  and will focus more on the nature of addiction and how  to respond in a loving, Christ-like manner.  Presenters will include Dr. Joe Troncale, Medical Director at the Retreat, Joel Jakubowski of Teen Challenge and Jack Pacewicz. This is a pressing issue for our church and all are encouraged to attend.
Churchwide and Other Events & Information
Eastern Mennonite University  
Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience (STAR)
Are you a Teacher? Principal? School counselor? Social worker? Police Officer? Pastor? Mission worker? Church Leader? Work with children and youth? This training is for you and it's coming to Lancaster, PA in March!

Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience (STAR) is a program of Eastern Mennonite University's Center for Justice and Peacebuilding that aims to strengthen the capacity of individuals, organizations, and communities to understand the impacts of trauma, interrupt cycles of violence, and build resilience at personal, community, and societal levels.  It is a five-day research-supported trauma awareness and resilience-training program that brings together theory and practice from neurobiology, conflict transformation, human security, spirituality, and restorative justice to address the needs of trauma-impacted individuals and communities. At the end of the training participants will be able to bring a trauma-informed perspective to their personal and professional lives, present the basic concepts, and use the tools with others.
This STAR Level 1 training will be held at Eastern Mennonite University at Lancaster, which is located at 1846 Charter Lane in the Greenfield Corporate Center.  The cost of the five-day (March 20-24, 2017) training is $749.00. For more information, call EMU at Lancaster at 717-397-5190 or check out their website at
Creating Congregational Cultures of Generosity workshop
Saturday, February 11, 2017, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Lititz COB Church, 300 W. Orange St., Lititz 
Our popular Creating Congregational Cultures of Generosity (CCCG) workshops have awakened a spirit of generosity within many congregations! You may see the challenges of the economic climate, be concerned about the financial stability of your congregation, and desire to foster generosity among your attenders.  Consider participating in Everence's CCCG workshop on Saturday, Feb 11, 2017, which specifically helps pastors and their leadership teams rethink their role in congregational finances, become better stewards of their members gifts, and awaken an ongoing spirit of generosity within their communities.  
Attached is an overview of what CCCG is (click here), some testimonials from pastors who have attended (click here), and an informational flier about the Feb 11 workshop (click here). 
Space is limited, so please be in touch with me via email or phone no later than Friday, Dec 30 if your congregation is interested in participating.
If the Feb 11, 2017 date does not work for you but you are interested in a future CCCG workshop, please let me know and I will put you on a list for the future! 

For questions/information, contact Kevin Nofziger, Church and Member Relations Representative 717-653-6662,

Stewardship University
Saturday, April 8, 2017, Calvary Church
More than 30 workshops focusing on holistic stewardship. 
Click here for more information.
For questions/information, contact Kevin Nofziger, Church and Member Relations Representative 717-653-6662,
5 Voices Workshop 
Wednesday, February 15, 2017, 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Mount Joy MC, 320 Musser Road, Mount Joy, Pa.

Cost is $60 per person. An early-bird discounted price of $40 is offered to Flourish participants and Landisville-Manor pastors and teams, if they register by Friday, January 6, 2017 by sending full payment to Mount Joy Mennonite Church, 320 Musser Road, Mount Joy, PA 17552. Please note Flourish/5 Voices on the check. Note that checks must be received by this date to receive the discounted pricing. Registration is welcome after that date until Friday, February 3, 2017 for the regular price of $60. No lunch is included in this event. 

We strongly encourage you to bring your leadership teams or elders or persons who assist you in your local context. You may want to consider planning to have lunch together following this event, or to schedule a time when you will review what you heard.  There is no need to buy the book before attending. Some of the key aspects of the day will be helping us each accurately assess our leadership voice, as well as recognize the weapons system of each of the voices (including our own!).

Questions about registration can be sent to Mitzi Headings Questions about the day can be sent to Bev Kreider

Click here to view the flier for the event.

You can read more about this concept here:
Mennonite & Brethren Marriage Encounter 
34th Annual Romantic Night Out
Come out and support Mennonite & Brethren Marriage Encounter at Yoder's Restaurant on Saturday, February 4, at 6:00.  Enjoy an evening of fellowship, great food, and entertainment by the drama group, Piercing Word.  Reservations are required by January 31 and can be made by calling 717-284-2944 or email

Engaged Encounter
Take a break from wedding planning and spend a weekend away with your fiancé(e) at Engaged Encounter focusing on your upcoming marriage!  Learn more about each other as you learn about communication, how to deal with stress in marriage, how to make your marriage last a lifetime, and more!  Enjoy a weekend away in the beautiful Poconos at our upcoming encounter, February 17-19, at Twin Pines Camp in Stroudsburg. Visit our website (, send us an email (love@marriageencounter), or give us a call at 717-569-5676 for more information or to register.  

Marriage Encounter 
Isn't it time you took a break from the stresses of life and focused on each other while strengthening your marriage relationship?  Marriage Encounter helps you do that as you learn about communication, how to deal with stress in marriage, how to make your marriage last a lifetime, and more!  Apply soon for our upcoming weekend, February 10-12, at Kenbrook Bible Camp. Visit our website (, send us an email (love@marriageencounter), or give us a call at 717-569-5676 for more information or to register.  
Mennonite Central Committee  
Participate in a Meat Canning Event
MCC's canning team will visit sites throughout the East Coast region in February and March 2017, working with volunteers to prepare cans of meat that will be sent around the world. Visit to find a canning site near you.

2017 Celebration Event
On March 9, join friends, board members and staff of MCC East Coast at United Revival Mennonite Church in Brooklyn, N.Y., for our 2017 Annual Celebration, an evening of worship and fellowship at 6:30 p.m. For more information, visit
Mennonite World Conference
Global Songfest
A Mennonite World Conference Global Songfest will be held on Saturday, January 21, 2017 at 7 p.m. at Akron Mennonite Church. International music (including songs from MWC Assembly) will be the focus of the congregational songfest.
As part of the Songfest, watch for details of the Saturday morning, January 21, workshop for congregational music leaders called "Bringing the Music Home." This is a workshop for congregational musicians to learn how international music can be shared with local congregations.
Please note that Sunday January 22, 2017 is World Fellowship Sunday. Resources for Sunday worship services for local congregation can be found at: 
Parish Resource Center
An Evening with Kenda Creasy Dean
Thursday, February 23, 7:00 p.m. 
Highland Presbyterian Church 
Rev. Dr. Kenda Creasy Dean, Professor of Youth, Church and Culture at Princeton Theological Seminary, will speak to this question during this event.
Millennials' faith is "not durable enough to survive long after they graduate from high school. One more thing: we're responsible," Dean says.
What should churches do?
Dean urges churches to stick to their message, their faith community, and their mission, rather than watering down their beliefs with the hopes of attracting more young people.   That is simply "a do-good, feel-good spirituality," as she calls it.
Dean argues in her book, Almost Christian, that young, committed Christians share several traits, all of which churches can learn from and respond to when creating a youth ministries program:  a personal relationship with God, a dynamic congregation and/or youth group, a sense of call, and hope.
How do churches help to create and foster these good environments and opportunities?  How do they create the authentic atmosphere young people crave?
Join us as Dean speaks with hope about how to address these questions.
If you have any questions, please call the PRC directly at 717-299-1113.
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An Evening with Krista Tippett
Saturday, March 4, 7:00 p.m.
Lancaster Mennonite School's Fine Arts Center 
Beloved for her "On Being" podcast, Krista Tippet, the New York Times bestselling author and Peabody-award-winning broadcaster, will speak on Saturday, March 4 at 7 p.m. at an event hosted by the Parish Resource Center.
The event will be held at Lancaster Mennonite School's Fine Arts Center. Each ticket includes a free copy of Tippett's latest book, Becoming Wise.
Why not make tickets to this event Christmas gifts for your family and friends this year (and be sure to get a ticket for yourself!).
For more information call the PRC directly at 717-299-1113.
Your tickets will be emailed to you immediately after your purchase is completed. If you do not receive them, please check your spam folder.  All tickets are for General Admission.
How do churches minister to Millennials, a generation who embrace Christianity, but are apathetic, even wary, of the organized church?

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