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Fwd: Happy Holidays from CWS-Lancaster!

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Date: Dec 22, 2015 7:27 PM
Subject: Happy Holidays from CWS-Lancaster!
To: "info@gehmanmennonitechurch.org" <info@gehmanmennonitechurch.org>

Just in Time for Christmas

After six very long years seperated, a family from the Democratic Republic of Congo was finally reunited last week- just in time for Christmas! 

On August 13, 2013 Remy arrived in Lancaster, and was resettled by CWS. But it wasn't a happy ending for him. Although he was finally in America, and free from unrest and the camplife that he was living; his family- a beautiful wife and their eight children were still left behind in the DRC, fearing for their safety. 

Upon arrival, Remy didn't waste any time. He got a job, brushed up his English and with the assistance of CWS-Lancaster Immigration and Legal Services program, he filed an AOR to petition for his family to join him here in Lancaster. "All I could do was wait. But that was harder than the years of suffering I faced in the DR Congo. I would call Audrey Lopez, CWS Legal Counselor, and she would console me; tell me what my next step was; and that one day, it would all be okay. I had to believe her." 

Last week, that "one day" arrived for Remy and his family. Finally, they were reunited at the Lancaster Airport and welcomed into their new home in Lancaster, Pa. Before the family arrived, a local Welcome Team worked with Remy to clean and set up his new home. " Now I can celebrate all six years of birthdays that I missed, with my whole family," Remy said as his case worker, Omar Mohamed did his family's intake. The house was filled with smiles, laughter and very tired eyes-- but this was the happy ending to his story that he was looking for all along. 

CWS Lancaster Immigration and Legal Services program is the only program completely supported by private donations. Our services are offered at the lowest cost possible to clients, but can only be sustained through donations and contributions from the local community. Thank you, Lancaster, for making stories like Remy's, a possibility. 

Join us on January 17th, 2016 at Tellus 360!


Tellus360, in conjunction with Church World Service, the Lancaster County Community Foundation, & Music For Everyone, is proud to present a 'Concert for Refugees' on Sunday, January17th at 5pm.  Additional supporters include the Rotary Club of Lancaster, Lutheran Refugee Services, the Lancaster County Refugee Coalition, and the Refugee Center and Community School at Reynolds Middle School, just to name a few! 

The event will begin with greetings and a buffet style dinner, followed by a one time only concert performance.... A large 'supergroup', assembled by Corty Byron will showcase some of the best musicians in our area, all volunteering their time to play together in support of the awareness and relief of refugees entering Lancaster County and beyond. 

This is a FREE event and open to all. Donations will be accepted online or at donation stations throughout the event, to which proceeds will directly benefit refugees and resettlement efforts in Lancaster County. Join us as we stand in solidarity with refugees in Lancaster!

Global to Mobile Initiative

Join the Global Shapers Lancaster Hub's Global to Mobile initiative (G2M) hopes to remove Wi-Fi enabled devices from the e-waste cycle and into the hands of Lancaster's refugee community. This would allow this population to have initial assistance and more of an affordable access to the internet for everyday needs such as language learning, transportation maps, and communicating with relatives abroad.  Help us reach the goal of obtaining devices, distribute them and help them access a modern necessity! Please drop off devices at the CWS Lancaster office. 

   CWS   CWS   CWS  

CWS Lancaster
Immigration and Refugee Program
308 East King Street
Lancaster, PA 17602

Media contacts or other information:
Sheila Mastropietro, Director CWS Lancaster, smastropietro@cwsglobal.org

cwsglobal.org  •  cwslancaster.org  •  donate now
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Fwd: MWC Info December 2015

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Date: Dec 18, 2015 3:57 AM
Subject: MWC Info December 2015
To: "Gehman Mennonite Church" <info@gehmanmennonitechurch.org>

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MWC Info | CMM Info | CMM Infos

December 2015

Prayer transcends barriers

Assembly prayer network connected Anabaptist body to each other and God

Winnipeg, Canada – "When people came together in the prayer room, many times no words were needed," says Joanne H. Dietzel, Lancaster Mennonite conference coordinator. "A prayer, a touch, offering a tissue for tears, a smile – all transcend language barriers and build up the body of Christ."

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MWC Assembly balances books

Bogota, Colombia – Assembly PA 2015, the once-every-six-years gathering of Mennonite World Conference, closed financially at break-even, that is, without a deficit.

The MWC operations team continuously made adjustments, maintaining priorities of environmental sustainability and financial stewardship despite unexpected developments.

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European leaders release statement on refugees

Bogotá, Colombia - Leaders of Mennonite conferences in Europe and international guests met in Buhl, France, for their annual gathering of planning and fellowship 23-25 October 2015. The assembled leaders drafted a statement to express their concern about the refugee crisis in Europe.

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Morning Sermons from PA 2015

Read the full text of the morning sermons from PA 2015, by Rebecca Osiro, Tigist Tesfaye Gelagle, Nancy Heisey, Remilyn Mondez, Shant Kumar S Kunjam, Kevin Ressler, Hippolyto Tshimanga, Marc Pasqués and Rodrigo Pedroza. These can also be a helpful resource as you prepare to celebrate World Fellowship Sunday with your congregation.

Read more

World Fellowship Sunday 2015: A testimony of our global family

World Fellowship Sunday is a celebration that brings us close to our roots and allows us to get together with our family of faith to give thanks to God and to worship.

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"We should do this again"

A glimpse of Assembly 2015, a glimpse of God's intention to bring peoples together, a calling for one multicultural congregation

"We should do this again!" commented a Hmong young adult, a sentiment heard often after Kitchener First Mennonite Church's Assembly Scattered weekend in early October 2015.

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Prayers of gratitude and intercession

December 2015: The light of life has shined on those who dwelt in the shadowy darkness of death. (Isaiah 9:2, The Voice translation). We pray for the light of Christ to shine amid the needs of Anabaptist believers around the world. In 2015, believers in Ethiopia and India were persecuted, conscientious objectors in Colombia and South Korea suffered for their choice, the church in Panama struggled to preserve its ancestral lands, Burkina Faso saw political turmoil, a flood destroyed buildings in Malawi, an earthquake rocked Nepal, the crisis of violence and displacement in Syria reached a breaking point and governments discussed responses to climate change. Lord have mercy! Amid this darkness, we give thanks for the light of Christ on us as Mennonite and Brethren in Christ brothers and sisters gathered in Pennsylvania in July, and as the Global Christian Forum unified church leaders in November. May our daily lives also reflect to our neighbours and enemies the light of Christ that has shined on us. This child: God's promise to David… He will ensure justice without fail and absolute equity. Always. (Isaiah 9:7, The Voice translation). Read more...

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World Fellowship Sunday

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Fwd: Faith and practice for healthcare students

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From: Paul D. Leichty <pdleichty@mennohealth.org>
Date: Thu, Dec 17, 2015 at 10:14 AM
Subject: Faith and practice for healthcare students
To: mennohealthfaculty@mennohealth.org, univchurch@mennohealth.org

Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship (MHF) would like your assistance to spread the word about this opportunity for graduate students in healthcare fields of study among your current and former students as well as in your congregations, communities, and families.  MHF's Student Elective Term (SET) is one of the primary tools to encourage the younger generation of healthcare professionals to integrate Christian faith with professional practice.  

Here is our essential short announcement that can be used in bulletins and/or newsletters.

Graduate Students in Healthcare Professions:  Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship (MHF) offers scholarship funding for Anabaptist students to learn and serve in cross-cultural mission/service settings in developing countries. Deadline for 2016-17 academic year is May 15, 2016.  For details and application form, see http://mennohealth.org/SET, email info@mennohealth.org, or call 1-888-406-3643.

In addition, we are attaching a simple 8.5 X 11 flyer/poster (also available online) (URL) that you can print on a color printer and post on bulletin boards.

You are welcome to pass along this announcement to others who might benefit from it or could be potentially helpful in getting out the word. Your personal encouragement to a student you know in a healthcare-related field can also be very valuable! 

Two additional words: 
  1. In the past, this was a program for medical students.  With Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship, it has been expanded!  We suggest that you think of dental students, Masters in Nursing students, physical therapy students, and Masters in Social Work students for starters and then be further attuned to any other students in healthcare-related fields at the masters or doctoral level.
  2. While the SET program is specifically for graduate students, grant funding is also available for any student, practitioner, or retiree in any healthcare field for projects which grow out of an Anabaptist Christian faith commitment.  See the Grant Program page at http://mennohealth.org/grant-program/
Further information is available at the previously noted links repeated below:
If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the MHF Office at info@mennohealth.org.

As we celebrate the coming of Christ into our broken world and then move into a new year, let us encourage each other to continue his healing mission!
--   Paul D. Leichty  Executive Director  pdleichty@mennohealth.org  Zoom: https://www.zoom.us/j/5742381853  *********************************************************  Mennonite Healthcare Fellowship   PO Box 918  Goshen, IN 46527-0918  Phone: 1-888-406-3643  Email: info@mennohealth.org  Website: www.mennohealth.org

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Fwd: We Will Always Welcome Refugees

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Date: Dec 16, 2015 7:29 PM
Subject: We Will Always Welcome Refugees
To: "info@gehmanmennonitechurch.org" <info@gehmanmennonitechurch.org>

We Will Always Welcome Refugees.

It is a good day for refugee resettlement!

We're pleased to announce that the Omnibus package agreed to by House and Senate leadership does not contain any policy riders that would halt or delay the resettlement of Syrian or Iraqi refugees. CWS's statement regarding the Omnibus can be found at http://cwsglobal.org/church-world-service-encouraged-that-omnibus-does-not-include-anti-refugee-provisions/.

This is a welcomed relief, and credit is due to intense advocacy directed to our local and national policy makers. Education and awareness about the importance of refugee resettlement, the powerful stories of refugees, and the welcome of communities across the country shines bright during these challenging times.  CWS- Lancaster applauds the power of your collective voice!

CWS is committed to rebuilding the public perception and political support for refugees, to continuing to advocate for policies that will improve the lives of refugees, to assuring funding increases that will provide refugees opportunities to thrive in their new lives, and to increasing community resources to adequately welcome refugees. There is much work to be done, but we will do it together and we will see progress as we continue to change lives through refugee protection and resettlement.

Thank you for your continued support. 

Most sincerely grateful, 

Sheila Mastropietro

CWS Lancaster Office Director 

   CWS   CWS   CWS  

CWS Lancaster
Immigration and Refugee Program
308 East King Street
Lancaster, PA 17602

Media contacts or other information:
Sheila Mastropietro, Director CWS Lancaster, smastropietro@cwsglobal.org

cwsglobal.org  •  cwslancaster.org  •  donate now
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Fwd: International Hymn Sing in Lancaster

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From: "Mennonite World Conference" <Lancaster@mwc-cmm.org>
Date: Dec 16, 2015 4:00 PM
Subject: International Hymn Sing in Lancaster
To: "Kelly Horning" <philandkelly@gmail.com>


Please spread the word about this opportunity!


On World Fellowship Sunday, celebrate the global Church with an international hymn sing!  Mennonite World Conference invites you to a hymn sing of international songs featuring local musicians from the MWC Assembly (PA 2015).  This event will take place on January 24, 2016 from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. at Forest Hills Mennonite Church (100 Quarry Rd., Leola, PA).  All are invited, regardless of participation in PA 2015.  Those who have Assembly song books are requested to bring them.  Some song books will be provided.  An offering to support the ongoing programs of Mennonite World Conference will be taken.


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Fwd: News from Lancaster Mennonite Conference

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Date: Dec 16, 2015 10:02 AM
Subject: News from Lancaster Mennonite Conference
To: <philandkelly@gmail.com>

LMC LOGO - regular

er Mennonite Conference
Information for leaders and congregations
December 16, 2015

These bi-weekly UPDATES are shared so that leaders and congregations are aware of events and information taking place in LMC, agencies, fraternal organizations, congregations, and the broader church. These announcements are for your information and to share with others in your congregation through email, weekly bulletin, monthly newsletter, Sunday morning announcements, church website, or Facebook. Use your discretion and share what your congregation will find helpful.

LMC Office Events & Information
Shalom News Question
We are working on the January-March 2016 issue of Shalom News(www.shalomnews.net). During our brainstorm meeting, we talked about including 10-20 questions, that later can be answered on our Facebook page. 
We invite you to submit one question you have about missional experimentation and missional multiplication in the congregation that you would like to ask. Email your question to Joselyn Santiago (jsantiago@lancasterconference.org), we will print it, and then ask our readers from around LMC to answer your question on the LMC Facebook page.
The deadline for your question will be December 28.

Thursday, January 7, 7 - 9 p.m.
Lancaster Conference Office
For leaders of those congregations that wish to continue participation with LMC and MC USA into the two-year implementation period.

On World Fellowship Sunday, celebrate the global Church with an international hymn sing! 
Mennonite World Conference invites you to a hymn sing of international songs featuring local musicians from the MWC Assembly (PA 2015). This event will take place on January 24, 2016 from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. at Forest Hills Mennonite Church (100 Quarry Rd., Leola, PA).  All are invited, regardless of participation in PA 2015. Those who have Assembly song books are requested to bring them. Some song books will be provided. An offering to support the ongoing programs of Mennonite World Conference will be taken.

Opportunities to Start New Churches or Missional Communities
Hershey, PA. Lancaster Mennonite Conference envisions one or two new churches or missional communities in the Hershey, PA area. The region of interest encompasses a triangular area from Harrisburg, PA in the west to Lebanon, PA in the east to Elizabethtown, PA in the south. Individuals or couples interested in learning more about this opportunity should contact Clair Good at clair.good@gmail.com. Candidate(s) must be willing to move into the region and work and play in the area. Personnel for the project would need to be bi-vocational. Elizabethtown district leadership and Church on the Other Side would provide resourcing and oversight.

New Jersey. Lancaster Mennonite Conference envisions one or two new churches or missional communities in southern New Jersey. The region of interest encompasses a triangular area from Vineland, NJ in the south to Camden, NJ in the north to Commodore Barry Bridge in the west. Individuals or couples interested in learning more about this opportunity should contact Tim Darling at nmpastor@juno.com. Candidate(s) must be willing to move into the region and work and play  in the area. Personnel for the project would need to be bi-vocational. Philadelphia district leadership and Church on the Other Side would provide resourcing and oversight.

Orientation for Newly (or Recently) Credentialed Leaders 
Tuesday, April 19, 2016, 7:00-9:30 p.m.
Lancaster Conference Office
2160 Lincoln Highway E., Lancaster, PA 17602
Please RSVP by April 11: 717-293-5246 ext. 100 or jsantiago@lancasterconference.org 
LMC Agency Events & Information
Eastern Mennonite Missions 

A new way to go: GO! summer
GO! summer is an eight-week missions exposure program for adults (age 18 and older). Participate in a week of discipleship training in Lancaster, Pa., before heading to an outreach location for six weeks. Then finish with a week of re-entry training to process your experience and help you put down roots for a continued deeper life with Jesus. To learn more about the opportunities, visit emm.org/opps/gosummer or contact Sherrie Ober at 717 898-2251, ext. 269.

Una nueva manera de ir: GO! summer (GO! verano)
GO! summer es un programa de exposición a las misiones de ocho semanas diseñado para adultos (18 años o más). Participe en una semana de entrenamiento de discipulado en Lancaster, Pensilvania, antes de dirigirse a un lugar de alcance por seis semanas. Después, finalice con una semana de re-entrada para procesar su experiencia y ayudarle a echar raíces para una vida continuada más profunda con Jesús. Para aprender más acerca de las oportunidades, visite emm.org/opps/gosummer o contacte a Sherrie Ober en el 717 898-2251, ext. 269

We are disciples of Jesus, but how do we inspire discipleship in others? Join us for Multipliers, a 4- to 9-month learning journey about making disciples who make disciples. The next journey begins in January at 450 North Prince Street, Lancaster, Pa. If you're far from Lancaster, join the journey via Skype. For more information, visit  emm.org/multipliers or contact Troy Landis at 717 898-2251, ext. 245.

Multipliers (Multiplicadores)
Somos discípulos de Jesús, pero ¿cómo podemos inspirar el discipulado en otros? Únase a nosotros en Multipliers (Multiplicadores), una jornada de aprendizaje de 4 a 9 meses acerca de cómo hacer discípulos que hacen discípulos. La próxima jornada empieza en enero en la 450 North Prince Street, Lancaster, Pa. Si vive lejos de Lancaster, únase a la jornada a través de Skype. Para obtener mayor información, visite emm.org/multipliers o póngase en contacto con Troy Landis en el 717 898-2251, ext. 245.

Church revitalization series offered
You want your church to spill over with life and vitality. EMM does, too! Antonio Ulloa, church revitalization coach, offers six different series appropriate for Sunday morning services, small group gatherings, Sunday school classes, or renewal meetings. To learn more, contact Antonio Ulloa at 717 898-2251, ext. 242.

Se ofrecen series para la revitalización de su Iglesia
Usted desea que su iglesia se desborde de vida y vitalidad. ¡Es lo mismo que desea EMM! Antonio Ulloa, entrenador de revitalización de iglesias, ofrece seis diferentes series apropiadas para servicios de domingo por la mañana, reuniones de grupos pequeños, clases de escuela dominical, o reuniones de avivamiento. Para obtener mayor información, póngase en contacto con Antonio Ulloa en el 717 898-2251, ext. 242.

Join EMM's core prayer team
We at EMM believe that God is calling us to "ridiculous" amounts of prayer. We're looking for intercessors willing to commit to one hour of EMM-related prayer each week. These intercessors will receive a bi-weekly email with one or two priority prayer requests to help guide their prayers. No meetings are required. For more information, visit emm.org/pray or contact Troy Landis at 717 898-2251, ext. 245.

Únase al equipo central de oración de EMM
Nosotros en EMM creemos que Dios nos está llamando a "ridículas" cantidades de oración. Estamos buscando intercesores dispuestos a comprometerse a una hora de oración por asuntos de EMM cada semana. Estos intercesores recibirán un correo electrónico quincenal con una o dos prioritarias peticiones de oración para ayudarles a guiar sus oraciones. No se requiere asistencia a reuniones. Para obtener mayor información, visite  emm.org/pray o póngase en contacto con Troy Landis en el 717 898-2251, ext. 245.

Give refugee relief in a time of crisis
"The flow of refugees into Germany, already very high, is expected to increase in a way we've never seen before," said an EMM worker in Halle. To assist in this crisis, EMM is appealing for contributions. In coordination with Mennonitisches Hilfswerk (a Mennonite relief agency in Germany), funds received will assist with: emergency housing, utility costs, welcome packages, German language courses to integrate the refugees and help them qualify for the job market, and outreach to refugee children, among other items. To learn more and to give, visit emm.org/projects.

Dé socorro a refugiados en un tiempo de crisis
"El flujo de refugiados a Alemania, que de por sí ya es muy alto, se espera que aumentará en una forma que no hemos visto jamás", dijo un trabajador de EMM en Halle. Para ayudar en esta crisis, EMM está pidiendo contribuciones. En coordinación con Mennonitisches Hilfswerk (un organismo de socorro menonita en Alemania), los fondos recibidos se utilizarán para: viviendas de emergencia, pago de servicios, paquetes de bienvenida, cursos de alemán para integrar a los refugiados y ayudarles a calificar para el mercado de trabajo, y la asistencia a niños refugiados, y otros servicios más. Para obtener más información y para dar, visite emm.org/projects.
LMS Logo

Pastor and Church Leader Appreciation 
at LMS Basket Ball Games in January
January 15 and January 22 are Pastor and Church Leader Appreciation night at LMS Basket Ball games. Pastors and Church Leaders are free to these events. January 15 is a boys game with Elco and January 22 is a girls game with Columbia. Identify yourself at the door for free admission.
Come and enjoy an evening out!


Pennsylvania German Folk Art Sale
Come to the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society for their annual sale of handcrafted goods. Enjoy a variety of work ranging from textiles to pottery and beyond, all done in traditional forms. The sale runs 8:30 to 4:30, Tuesday through Saturday, until December 31 at 2215 Millstream Rd., Lancaster, Pa.

Venta de Arte Folklórica Alemana de Pensilvania
Ven a la Sociedad Histórica Menonita de Láncaster para la venta anual de artesanía.  Disfruta de una variedad de obras que abarcan textiles hasta cerámicas, y mucho más.  La venta se lleva a cabo entre 8:30 a.m. y 4:30 p.m., de martes a sábado, hasta diciembre 31, en la Sociedad ubicada en la 2215 Millstream Rd., Lancaster, Pa.

A Taste for Fraktur
Become acquainted with the imagery of fraktur in this folk art class taught by Emily Smucker-Beidler on Saturday, January 26, 9 a.m. until noon at the Society-2215 Millstream Rd., Lancaster, Pa. The class costs $70 members/$80 nonmembers; materials are included in the tuition. Register by January 24 at lmhs.org or by calling (717) 393-9745.

A Taste for Fraktur
Familiarízate con las imágenes de fraktur en esta clase de arte folklórico enseñada por Emily Smucker-Beidler el sábado 26 de enero, 9 a.m. hasta el mediodía en la Sociedad Histórica Menonita de Láncaster-2215 Millstream Rd., Láncaster, Pa.  La clase cuesta $70 para miembros/$80 para no-miembros; los materiales están incluídos en el precio. Regístrate para el 24 de enero en lmhs.org o llamando al (717) 393-9745.

Pies in the Mennonite Tradition
Come to the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society Saturday, January 23 between 6:30 and 8:30 p.m., and enjoy a slice or two of wide selection of traditional pies. Pie bakers, including Valerie Baer, will be on hand to demonstrate the art. You can also learn more about life for Mennonite women of Lancaster County through special displays focusing on the early- to mid-1900s. This drop-in evening costs $10; children under 12 free. Registration is due January 16.

Tortas en la tradición menonita
Ven a la Sociedad Histórica Menonita de Láncaster el sábado 23 de enero entre 6:30 y 8:30 p.m., y disfruta de varias rebanadas de una selección amplia de tortas tradicionales. Reposteras, incluyendo Valerie Baer, estarán disponibles para demostrar el arte de la torta. También puedes aprender sobre las vidas de las mujeres menonitas en el Condado de Láncaster a través de exhibiciones enfocadas entre los principios a los mediados del siglo XX.  La entrada para este evento es de $10 para adultos; niños bajo la edad de 12 entran gratis.  Regístrate para el 16 de enero.

Grain Painting Class
Learn how to false-grain a box during this folk art class on Saturday, January 30, 2016, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society-2215 Millstream Rd., Lancaster, Pa. The class is taught by local fancy painter Jim King. Cost is $50 for members/$60 for nonmembers; materials are included in the tuition. Register by January 23 at  lmhs.org or by calling (717) 393-9745.

Clase para pintar fibras en madera

Aprende como pintar fibras falsas sobre la superficie de una caja de madera en esta clase de arte folklórico el sábado 30 de enero de 2016, de 9 a.m. a 12:00 pm en la Sociedad Histórica Menonita de Láncaster-2215 Millstream Rd., Láncaster, Pa.  Jim King, artista folklórico local, enseñará esta clase.  El costo es $50 para miembros/60 para no-miembros.  Los materiales están incluidos en la matrícula.  Regístrate para el 23 de enero en lmhs.org o llamando al (717) 393-9745.

Landis Communities

Landis Homes Communities Gift Giving
Gift Giving is an important part of celebrating Christmas for many families. If you are wondering what to give to older family members, you may want to consider the following. Small homemade gifts reflecting their interests and passions. Other good ideas include gift cards to stores they enjoy and handmade coupons good for a day trip to one of their favorite places to eat or scenic site. It is not about the amount of money given, but rather about reflecting their desires and needs at this stage in life.  This message is brought to you by the caring live-at-home services and feel-at-home communities of Landis Communities.

Landis Homes is seeking volunteers to support personal care or healthcare residents.  Volunteers escort residents by wheelchair to activities or programs, serve as a Friendly Visitor, or share musical gifts.  Persons younger than age 14 must be accompanied by an adult.  Please contact Volunteer Services at 717-509-5409 for additional information.  Information is also available at www.landishomes.org. Click on the Volunteer tab at the top of the screen.

Caregivers Meeting
There will be a meeting for caregivers of persons with memory loss and other forms of dementia Tuesday, January 26 at Landis Homes. The group will view and then discuss the DVD "The Senior Gems: Your Guide to Supporting Family Members with Dementia," featuring Teepa Snow.  Snow is nationally known as a dementia-care education specialist with a background in occupational therapy and over 30 years in clinical practice. The meeting will start at 7:00 p.m. in the Warwick Room of The Heritage, the special care center at Landis Homes at 1001 East Oregon Road, Lititz.  The group is operating in partnership with the Alzheimer's Association of the Greater Pennsylvania Chapter.  The public is invited.  For more information call Landis Homes (717) 581-3939.
LMC Fraternal Ministries Events & Information
Garden Spot Village
Saturday Evening Concert Series
January 16, 7 p.m., GSV Chapel
Silver, Wood & Ivory perform music to soothe your soul and calm your spirit. Donations accepted
For information, call 717-355-6000 or info@gardenspotvillage.org.

Calendar of upcoming events: GSV Events Calendar
Camp Hebron
Complimentary Pastor Retreats
Pastors, need to get away? Come to Camp Hebron for a complimentary Pastoral Retreat. Visit www.camphebron.org/pastorretreats for details 
Call 717-896-3441 or email info@camphebron.org for more information.

Jr. High Retreat
Friday January 1 - Sunday January 3
Weekend winter cabin retreat for Jr. High Youth (Grades 6-8). Perfect for the Youth Leader that is too swamped to plan their own retreat. Registration includes 2 snacks, 5 meals, lodging, tons of games, 3 large group sessions, small group discussions and more fun than you can handle! Featuring speaker Sam Levy & Worship Band Saline.
Call 717-896-3441 or email info@camphebron.org for more information.

Anabaptist Youth Retreat
Friday January 8 - Sunday January 10
Weekend winter cabin retreat for Anabaptist Congregations' Sr. High Youth (Grades 9-12). Perfect for the Youth Leader that is too swamped to plan their own retreat. Registration includes 2 snacks, 5 meals, lodging, tons of games, 3 large group sessions, small group discussions and more fun than you can handle! Featuring Bluffton University's own  Randy Keeler & Worship Band Shining Through.
Call 717-896-3441 or email info@camphebron.org for more information.

Ladies Scrapbooking Retreat
Friday January 22 - Sunday January 24
Take time away from the craziness at home to get those scrapbooking projects calling your name while in the company of other great ladies. Come for the whole weekend, or for Saturday. 
Call 717-896-3441 or email info@camphebron.org for more information.

Women's Retreat
Friday February 19 - Sunday February 21
Theme: Balance in the circus of life- thriving amid the tension. Seek spiritual refreshment this weekend with times of worship and bible messages while enjoying great conversation around delicious food. Bring yourself or your ladies group from church for a great weekend featuring speaker Carol Cool
Call 717-896-3441 or email info@camphebron.org for more information.

Sabbath Space For Clergy, Chaplains and Other Leaders

KAIROS: School of Spiritual Formation is offering monthly weekday retreats in a contemplative context for pastors and ministry leaders to grow spiritually and to enhance their ministries in the practice of spiritual formation. Sabbath Space retreat days, offered September through May, provide rest and reflection away from the work of ministry, encourage personal spiritual growth, and increase awareness and understanding of the art and ministry of spiritual guidance in the church or ministry setting.

Through the study of literature, the experience of group spiritual direction, theological reflection, and presentation of case studies out of the settings in which they provide leadership, participants will enhance their own spiritual journey, as well as more effectively care for the soul of their congregation or ministry community.


Continuing Education Units available for this retreat.

For additional information on the days and time, prospectus, application and fees, please visit www.kairosjourney.org/sabbath-space/

Churchwide and Other Events & Information
Church World Service Lancaster  
Are you a pastor, small group leader, or devoted congregant who likes to stay up-to-date on local refugee needs? Please join our new Church Newsletter where Christine Baer, Congregational Resource Developer, will keep you informed of local stories, highlights, and volunteer/donation needs.

Click this link to subscribe to the CWS Lancaster newsletter:
or e-mail Christine at cbaer@cwsglobal.org to subscribe.
Reasons To Believe 
The Reasons To Believe chapter of Lancaster, PA invites everyone to join them at Stumptown Mennonite Church the third Thursday of every month for documentary films, lectures, and lively discussions about how the latest scientific discoveries are intersecting with Biblical truths.  This month (Nov. 19th) features the RTB film, Evolution Under The Microscope.  Meetings run 7-9 PM. For more information, call Will Charles: 717-330-0901.
Go Beyond Breakfast
Wednesday, January 20, 7:30 a.m.
Harvest Bible Chapel Lancaster
609 Prospect St, Lancaster, Pa 17603
We will talk about about finding service opportunities and working together. Also, Putting action to December 15th's breakfast conversation, we are looking forward to presenting a Go Beyond statement of gospel faith. This will serve to unite and protect our movement even further as we do good works to glorify Christ.
Please visit the Go Beyond web site to learn more! Click here
Mennonite & Brethren Marriage Encounter
Annual Interdenominational Clergy Marriage Encounter
Take the chance to invest in your marriage during the annual Interdenominational Clergy Marriage Encounter!  It will be held in Havre de Grace, Maryland from Thursday, January 21 - Saturday, January 23, 2016.  This gives Pastors the chance to be back with their congregations on Sunday morning.  
We are currently accepting applications, but spots are limited. Visit our website or contact us atlove@marriageencounter.org  for more information.  
Save the Date! "Taster" Event
Thursday, February 25, 2016 (full day w/Q&A after dinner)
Mount Joy Mennonite Church, 320 Musser Rd, Mount Joy PA 17552

A one-day look at church life with mission and discipleship as the central focus. Church leadership teams & lay persons are welcome to attend.

Jason and Suzi Lantz are passionate about helping leaders launch new initiatives that make disciples of Jesus. They have used discipleship systems within a large church and through planting LoveCanton using missional communities. They love living in Stark County Ohio, where Jesus is clearly up to something bigger than themselves.
Beyond Ourselves Benefit Concert
Lancaster's Beyond Ourselves chamber ensemble is teaming up 
with Lancaster Mennonite School's Campus Chorale and Sopa Sol to present their ninth benefit concert at 3 p.m. Sunday, 
February 28, at James Street Mennonite Church

The entire freewill offering will go toward an education program in Nepal, which is part of Mennonite Central Committee's Global Family program. It will benefit a trade school that helps students develop useful job skills so they can remain in their communities and provide for their families. Link for the project 

The Beyond Ourselves musicians are saxophonist Ryan Kauffman, violist Christy Kauffman, pianist Rosemary Blessing, and clarinetist Doris Hall-Gulati. The LMS Campus Chorale, the high school's select choir, is directed by Marcella Hostetler. Sopa Sol's musicians include Daryl Snider, voice and guitar, and Frances Crowhill Miller, voice, violin and hang (a new instrument that originated in Switzerland).

The three music groups will perform separately and then combine for a piece arranged by composer Neal Harnly, a Juilliard trained pianist who is a physician at Norlanco Family Medicine in Elizabethtown. In addition, the four Beyond Ourselves musicians and Sopa Sol will perform a piece arranged by Jonathan Ragonese, composer, arranger and saxophonist, who lives in New York City. Ragonese attended the Manhattan School of Music and developed an early childhood music program at Explore + Discover Learning Center in Manhattan.

For more information, call 717-291-0514.
Stew U 2016
Save the date! Saturday, March 12, 2016, Registration 8 a.m.
Lancaster Mennonite School
For more information, contact Kevin Nofziger, Church and Member Relations Representative at kevin.nofziger@everence.com

You can also register online at StewardshipUniversity.com starting Tuesday, December 1. 

Vision 2020 Lobo
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Encourage Others
Equip Disciples
Engage the World

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