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Fwd: We can make a difference together...

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Subject: We can make a difference together...

Winter Blast 1 January 26-28 – Full
Winter Blast 2 February 2-4 – can take about 20 more
Winter Blast 3 February 9-11 – Full

Spring Blast 1 April 6-8 – can take 40-45 more
Spring Blast 2 April 27-29 – can take 50-55 more

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Fwd: Values-Centered Business Leadership paves the way to the future

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Subject: Values-Centered Business Leadership paves the way to the future
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Thank you Businesses and Individuals for Shaping Lives Through Your Partnership!
December 27, 2017
Business Partners Support Student Achievement
Special Dates And Opportunities You Should Know About
Dear HMS parents,
Learning to serve happens at the youngest ages. Pre-K students clean up after their daily playtime. 
You truly make a difference all year long through ways you support HMS!  We thank you for investing in Christian education and helping to provide need-based scholarships through EITC/OSTC contributions, sponsorships and donations for events. 
Check out below for what's happening at HMS;  get an update on tax-credit news for businesses; and find out more about our 2018 Business Networking Event that will be held at WJTL's Landis Hall on Thursday, April 12, 2018.

Together with you, we are making a positive impact on the future of our community through education!  May our joyous celebrations of Christ's arrival set the tone for a new recognition of God's blessings in 2018!
Gratefully yours, 
Jody Fausnight

P.S. Given new tax laws for 2018, consult your tax or financial advisors to determine if increased giving in 2017 might be beneficial for both you and your favorite charitable interests.  Gifts postmarked by December 30 count for the 2017 tax year. 

Quick Link Access for Busy Executives:

Location/Date Announcement: 2018 Business Networking Breakfast

Extraordinary Giving Options at HMS 365 and 24/7 

EITC/OSTC Approval Delays Observed

Business Internship Options Sought for New High School Venture Program 

HinkleFEST & Auction Weekend Bolstered by Businesses 

Tour WJTL's new Landis Hall facility & studios at our
April 12 networking breakfast with Allon LefeverNetworkingBfast

Mark your calendar to join us Thursday, April 12,
Join us at WJTL's Junction Center Landis Hall April 12, 2018
for entrepreneurial inspiration
and practical encouragement from Allon Lefever.
2018, for a superb networking event and behind-the-scenes tour at WJTL's Junction Center radio studio and Landis Hall in Manheim, PA.  
Pioneering Lancaster County entrepreneur, business leader, author and consultant Allon Lefever will address business leaders over breakfast.  His practical principles of values-driven leadership can guide leaders in meeting the moral and ethical challenges of today's workplace.  Allon will share cases of leadership that worked and those that did not in industries ranging from agriculture to internet service, digital technology to hospitality.   
Join us for this opportunity to reflect with an accomplished business leader from our region.  Allon captivates the mind of entrepreneurs with powerful insights drawn from his 2017 book, Launching the Entrepreneur Ship.     
More scheduling and RSVP details will be available soon.  
Save the date now for this special event at a wonderful location!
EITC/OSTC Tax Credit Approval Letters DelayedEITC 
Scholarships: Building a school community that is accessible  
& affordable for students, regardless of family size or socioeconomic status.   
If you participate in the program, here are a few general observations to help keep you on track:
  • Unfortunately, for the third year in a row, tax credit approval letters are delayed from the state. 
  • Businesses who are in year two of two, renewing or not, will likely have received their approval letters already.
  • Many of our regularly supporting business scholarship donors through the EITC/Pre-K EITC/OSTC tax credit programs have notified us they received their approval letters already.
  • Those who first applied to participate on   July 1 may not yet have received approval as that decision is based on available funds. 
  • Applications for new business trying to enter the program are reviewed by DCED on a rolling basis and approval letters will be mailed following the review process.
As in past program years, once you receive your letter of approval: 
  • Your approved contribution amount must be made to a qualifying scholarship organization (PAMSO, Faithbuilders, or another you or your accountant may choose) within 60 days to qualify for the tax credit.  You may designate any portion of your annual contribution to benefits students from Hinkletown Mennonite School when make your gift.
  • Provide proof of the contribution from the scholarship organization to the state in a prompt fashion following your contribution.
Should you or your accountant have any questions or need additional contact details for a scholarship organization, please contact me at HMS.
We are very grateful to the many different businesses who give generously to HMS through this program each year.  These EITC/OSTC gifts help provide need-based scholarships to over half of the current HMS students! 
You can apply online!  Use the DCED website, this fact sheet orPA School Choice - Take Action website for more program and application information.  
Venture Program Offers Unique Business-Student
Partnership OpportunitiesVentureProgram

The HMS Venture Program, for grades 9-12 students, continues the faith-based, hands-on and student-focused instruction that HMS is known for, plus much more!  Missions trips, full-day and half-day job shadowing opportunities, internships and the chance to study at your own pace are some ways the program helps students prepare for vocational and/or college placements.  
Businesses desiring more information on partnerships or internship options for a junior or senior student may contact Dawn Landes, Administrator/Principal ( or 717-354-7100 x1006)
HMS HinkleFEST & Benefit Auction in October
Yields nearly $60,000 for operating/capital needsHinkleFEST

Friday evening's focus was on "Buy Fresh, Buy Local" farm and food products.
We are grateful for the many businesses who sponsored the event, donated goods or services and showed up to enjoy the fun!  
For more info on how 
your business can be involved, email

Extra Giving Options Are Available Every Day at HMS!ExtraGive

Hinkletown Mennonite School appreciates the many generous business owners and other individuals who support the school through company and personal resources. 
We encourage you and your business to support local charities in any way that is meaningful to you.  

Hinkletown Mennonite School is not listed in any specialized giving lists for the Lancaster County Community Foundation's Extraordinary Give Initiative this year. This is due to limiting criteria and management decisions. But we encourage you to consider other ways you can continue to make special things happen at HMS through your tax-deductible giving throughout the year!  We thank you for investing in students' lives!

Learn more at:

Hinkletown Mennonite School
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Fwd: Travelling

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Subject: Travelling
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Dear friends,

"Get up, take the child and his mother, and flee to Egypt, and remain there
until I tell you; for Herod is about to search for the child, to destroy him." 
Matthew 2:13​ (NRSV).

Travel. One of the most common activities at this Christmas time of year is travel. I remember that one of the things that I anticipated most during the month of December when I was a child was what this meant: presents, special food, lights and fireworks... but above all, family gatherings. It was at this time of the year that family members living in other cities and countries would travel to be together once again. How happy I felt when I would see them cross the threshold of our house!

Now, when my daughters are unable to travel to be together due to legal reasons that have to do with the country where they live, I remember a Christmas carol that we used to sing when I was a child: "Christmas, sweet Christmas, return to hearth, return to home, Christmas, sweet Christmas, the warmth of every home..." It is sad to want to travel to be together with family and not be able to do so.

"Flight into Egypt" by Fra Angélico
(ca. 1395–1455)
However, the situation facing thousands of our brothers and sisters around the world who are forced to travel is even sadder. Many of the members of our global faith family are obliged to travel because they are displaced by violence, or because they have lost their house in a natural disaster, maybe they are fleeing political and religious persecution, or due to economic need;
these are among the many reasons for having to flee.

This Christmas, let us remember that our Saviour identifies with those who are forced to travel, just as Fra Angelico depicted in his painting "Flight into Egypt". The God in whom we Christians believe was a child displaced to another country because of the violence and persecution that were the reality in the context in which he lived. While we sing carols and celebrate during these festivities, may we take a goodly amount of time to pray for those who are traveling under duress. If possible, let us do something more to show our love to, and identification with, those who have no home to return to, as the carol says.

In celebration of the God who identifies
with those who are forced to travel,                        

César García, MWC general secretary
General Secretariat:
Calle 28A No. 16-41 Piso 2
Bogotá, Colombia
Canadian Address:
50 Kent Avenue, Suite 206
Kitchener, ON N2G 3R1
T: (519) 571-0060
U.S. Address:
PO Box 5364
Lancaster, PA 17606-5364

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