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Fwd: MWC Info: MWC responds in solidarity to disasters

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December 2017

MWC responds in solidarity to disasters

"Our hearts were left totally destroyed…but thanks to MWC, who have come to visit us and have given us this uplifting and encouraging word, a word of hope and love," says Antonio García Dominguez, leader of Conferencia Peruana Hermanos Menonitas.

Mennonite World Conference and Mennonite organizations collaborated to live out faith with unified action in response to disasters that struck members of the global Anabaptist family this year.

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Representatives and resources

Mennonite World Conference weaves a web of connections within the Anabaptist Mennonite family around the world through website, emails, social media, publishing and relations with other organizations. Here are some new connecting points.

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Christmas around the world

Christian communities around the world celebrate Christmas together yet each culture has their own traditions. Here, Anabaptist brothers and sisters from different regions share how they celebrate.

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Celebrating World Fellowship Sunday 2018

On World Fellowship Sunday, we worship around a common theme, remembering our common roots and celebrating our worldwide koinonia (communion). Though we worship in different ways, we are united in Christ, as the Holy Spirit transforms us.
Artwork: Yosephine Sulistyorini.

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Prayers of gratitude and intercession

December 2017: National elections provide opportunity for leadership change, but can also be occasions for unrest and violence if it does not seem that a fair process has been followed. Both Kenya and Honduras recently erupted in civil unrest in the aftermath of presidential elections that were not perceived to be fair. Pray that the Mennonite churches – MWC members Iglesia Evangélica Menonita Hondureña, Organización Cristiana Amor Viviente, and Kenya Mennonite Church, as well as others in Honduras and Kenya – would be wise in discerning how to respect national process while standing for justice. Read more.

December 2017: Praise God for the fulfilment of promises: "A shoot shall come out from the stump of Jesse" (Isaiah 11:1), a child born to bring peace to every heart that receives him. In this season of rejoicing and memory, we pray peace for our brothers and sisters around the world suffering from violence and disasters, and for the transformation of hearts to worship the Prince of Peace. Click here for a Christmas greeting from MWC.

December 2017: The economy is a source of stress for our Venezuelan sisters and brothers, but their faith in God's providence and testimonies of how they share and practice solidarity with each other are inspiring. Praise God for the testimony of God's good work among them (Rom 8:28) in spite of the economic and political struggles, as reported by MWC regional rep Pablo Stucky after a visit. Read more.

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