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December 15, 2017

Dear Phil & Kelly,

Mennonite World Conference matters because there are people praying for your churches, and we pray for their churches.

"It is a great encouragement to know you are praying for us."

We hope you feel that way too. Mennonite World Conference often receives this comment from our church members around the world. People sign up on our website to receive an email every 2 months, with specific prayer requests, and then you can pray for them.  You, along with anyone else in the world, can submit your prayer requests on our website, through social media, through emails and through our network of regional representatives around the world, all in multiple languages, and then people will pray for you. You can pray for them.

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Together we prayed about Zimbabwe in November, Kenya in October, and DR Congo in September. We prayed for Nepal in August, and North America in July. We prayed over YABs (Young Anabaptists) in June, the impact of the Holy Spirit on our churches in May, and for Peru in April. The list goes on and on, and in each case there is a specific item named for prayer in each country.

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Photo: Wilhelm Unger

Often we in North America devalue the importance of prayer.  And yet, we frequently hear from our brothers and sisters in the Global South that there is little you can do of more value for them than praying for them.  

They are praying for you as well: In North America, denominations are facing rapid technological change, shrinking congregations and shrinking budgets, challenges in sending service workers abroad and locally and theological disagreements that threaten to split congregations and denominations. Pray that hearts would be sensitive to confess how the church has also been complicit in injustice and violence toward others. Pray that the leaders and members would be divinely unified in the Spirit of Christ despite differing perspectives, and encouraged to spread the hope of the gospel.

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Photo: Susanne Werner

"There is nothing so broken that God cannot fix it," says the MWC Prayer Network. As the Body of Jesus Christ here on earth today, we embody hope for our world by being a global community that prays for each other, overcoming our economic, theological, cultural and political differences.

I ask you for a financial contribution this year to strengthen MWC's capacity to carry these relationships and circulate these prayer requests, all in multiple languages. Even a small contribution makes a difference -- we have calculated that the value of one lunch in your own country from each adult Anabaptist each year would be enough to nurture all of these inspiring global relationships for one year.

You can make a contribution on our website ( or mail a contribution to our mailing address in Canada or the USA (see below).

What can you contribute to keep the circle of prayer going?

César Speaking


In the Peace of Christ,

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