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July 2016

Global Mennonite Peacebuilding Conference considers Peace Network

Bogotá, Colombia – Conrad Grebel University College hosted academics, practitioners, artists and church workers at the inaugural Global Mennonite Peacebuilding Conference and Festival, 9–12 June 2016. In Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, 203 people from 20 countries (from Canada to Colombia to DR Congo) attended 30 concurrent sessions.

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Regional Representatives connect with churches

Bogotá, Colombia – Smiles and a warm reception greeted Mennonite World Conference (MWC) Executive Committee member Steven Mang'ana and Regional Representative (Central/West Africa) Francisca Ibanda as the visited Église Mennonite du Burundi (EMB).

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Reconciling the radical reformation

Bogotá, Colombia – The reconciliation process between the Lutheran World Federation and Mennonite World Conference has created fertile ground for collaboration. A report summarizing the LWF-MWC action of reconciling with Mennonites over the condemnations in the Augsburg Confession aims to help LWF churches, pastors, seminaries and congregations to "implement the LWF commitment to teach differently about Anabaptists, especially to how they are described in the Augsburg Confession."

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Ministry partner update: ICOMB - July 2016

Fraternal visit to Platanares, Panama: 6–8 June 2016 - After a somewhat rough, very wet boat ride through rain storms and ocean waves splashing into our boat, 11 delegates from the annual ICOMB summit were welcomed warmly by Hermes and Aleida Barrigon. Their home is spacious; the food was delicious; and the fellowship connected us in Christ.

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Brief historic journey, profile, tendencies and challenges of Mennonites in Latin America

These reflections are a brief summary linking the historical development, profile and tendencies of the multiethnic Anabaptist communities and Mennonite churches in Latin America that belong to MWC, and present the challenges faced by Mennonites in their mission work, ministry and witness for peace and justice as they follow Jesus in a multiethnic continent.

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Newcomers to natives: Diversity and challenges for Mennonites in Brazil

The first Mennonites arrived in Brazil during the year 1930, coming as refugees from Russia/Ukraine, where their property, churches and schools were taken over by the state during the Stalin years.

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Prayers of gratitude and intercession

July 2016: Praise our Lord Jesus Christ for the historic signing of a bilateral ceasefire between the FARC (the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, a guerrilla movement) and the government of Colombia. This agreement includes specific plans to demobilize and reintegrate FARC fighters and is an important step toward signing the final peace accord. May God provide wisdom and guidance in this process to end the 52-year armed conflict. We pray for strength for the Anabaptist churches and agencies in Colombia who are committed to work for peace. May the Holy Spirit continue to light the way to a lasting peace, in the midst of conflicts with other armed actors. Read more...

July 2016: Together, we give thanks to our Lord for the service of young people in the YAMEN program. In July, these volunteers return to their home communities and churches while new young people prepare to start their year of service in August. We pray that the Holy Spirit may guide them through this time of transition, of returning and departing. Read more...

July 2016: Pray for northern hemisphere schools in their season of summer holidays. Pray that the break from regular schedule would be refreshing for students and teachers. Praise God for camps and day programs which provide a safe place for children to have fun and learn about Jesus. Read more...

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