Friday, January 3, 2020

Fwd: Help people like Emily during MCC's The Great Winter Warm-up

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Subject: Help people like Emily during MCC's The Great Winter Warm-up
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After a flood, a comforter provides warmth and hope.


Emily Ngluzisa and her eight children live in Dzaleka refugee camp in Malawi. They are originally from Burundi but fled five years ago.

Early in 2019, parts of Malawi flooded from extensive rainfall. Then Cyclone Idai struck the region. The torrential rain caused the flooding to spread. Crops were wiped out, roads were destroyed and people were forced to higher ground.

Thanks to supporters like you, Emily received comforters along with food and basic hygiene items. The comforters will keep her family warm through the cold season. "God bless MCC and allow them to help others in the world as well. Please continue to remember us," she says.


Would you consider joining us in January to provide warmth and hope to those in need around the world?

What is The Great Winter Warm-up? The Great Winter Warm-up jump starts MCC's supply of comforters that are sent to people in crisis all around the world each year. In 2018, MCC sent more than 53,000 comforters as a practical message of love and compassion in the name of Christ. East Coast supporters generated nearly 30,000 of those comforters for MCC's ministries!

On one day, January 18th, MCC has set a goal of collecting 6,500 comforters across the U.S. and Canada for distribution to people in need around the world. But in the East Coast, we've set a regional goal of collecting 5,000 comforters this month!

Join us in Ephrata for The Great Winter Warm-up! You won't want to miss our event January 18th at the Material Resources Center in Ephrata as we work hard towards our goal. A light lunch will be served at noon with guest speaker Ron Byler, MCC U.S. Executive Director, presenting at 12:30 p.m. We hope you can make it! Bring along a favorite needle, thimble and small scissors if you have them. No experience is necessary and this event is open to all ages! No sign-up is necessary, but share our event on Facebook.


The Great Winter Warm-up: Ephrata, PA

WHEN: January 18, 2020
WHERE: Material Resources Center
517 West Trout Run Road
Ephrata, PA 17522

TIME: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

QUESTIONS?: 717-733-2847 or


Can't make it to Ephrata on January 18th? Check out the nine other events in Lancaster, Dauphin, Montgomery and Franklin counties and in Washington D.C. below throughout the month of January.


You can sponsor a comforter with an online donation or make a comforter at home and drop it off at any of our event locations. Contact the event location for more information.

When you sew a comforter, you are reaching out to people like Emily and her children who are affected by disasters. Watch the video below to hear a message from people who received comforters in Dzaleka refugee camp.

Thank you for your continued support of MCC!