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Fwd: Refugees Welcomed through Extraordinary Actions

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Refugees Welcomed through Extraordinary Actions

Last month, a Cuban family woke up to a house fire in the middle of a Saturday night. Luis and Lauran, CWS-Lancaster's Case Managers, jumped into action and worked through the night to provide comfort and assurance to the newly arrived asylees, finding them a safe, warm place to stay, along with meals throughout Sunday. 

A community Welcome Team met with our newly arrived Syrian family just last week, helping them to feel at home with tea in the park, while their children played nearby without fear.

A church in West Chester County called their congregation to action and gathered over 100 warm winter coats to donate to CWS-Lancaster's refugee clients. 

Our community and staff continue to give to our clients, day in and day out. We believe in a holistic resettlement approach and want to continue to involve each of our volunteers, community members, interns, sponsors, donors, and staff in the work that is done within our community.

But we can't continue to provide much-needed support to our newly arriving refugees without your support. Would you consider a year end contribution to CWS-Lancaster?

You can give easily online on November 20th during the Lancaster County Extraordinary Give— CWS-Lancaster's fourth year as a participant organization! Or you can mail us a check directly to our local office. 

Thank you for your continued support. 

Most sincerely grateful, 

Sheila Mastropietro

CWS Lancaster Office Director 

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