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​Is your church going to celebrate World Fellowship Sunday?

World Fellowship Sunday (which takes place next year on January 24, 2016) is a reminder that "we belong to each other as sisters and brothers in God's household. We support each other, uphold those who are suffering and being persecuted, and learn from one another.  Walking with God finds its total meaning in fellowship – in the breaking of bread, serving, and meeting the needs of others," says César García, General Secretary of Mennonite World Conference.  "It does not mean the absence of challenges, but recognizing we are assured of victory with and through God."  Information about World Fellowship Sunday, as well as worship resources for January 24, 2016, can be found at:

World Fellowship Sunday:  An opportunity to celebrate with other churches!

World Fellowship Sunday evening can be an opportunity to fellowship with other Anabaptist churches in your community.  These churches may be from different conferences or different ethnic groups, but all are part of the Anabaptist family of God! Some churches have had times of worship and celebration or fellowship by sharing of a meal with food from different countries. This is your opportunity to be creative and reach out to other churches in your community!

One Lunch Offering supports MWC and the Global Church!

Mennonite World Conference also invites a special offering to be taken for the global Anabaptist church movement.  One way to think about this offering is to invite every member to contribute the cost of at least one lunch in their own community to support the networks and resources of our global Anabaptist church family.  This gift of "one lunch" per person once a year is something that all MWC members can do. For the cost of around $5 per person in North America or 5¢ in Congo, people around the world feel they can give the value of one lunch.  This One Lunch Offering can happen on World Fellowship Sunday, at the end of the year, or at another time that fits your church's calendar more appropriately.


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