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July 2017

Angolan Mennonites welcome refugees

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada – "The situation is very serious," says Francisca Ibanda, Mennonite World Conference regional representative for Central/West Africa.

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MWC – new on the web: Building bridges with Peace Sunday

"A renewed peace church builds bridges" is the theme of this year's Peace Sunday worship package. It contains sermon notes from Thomas Yoder Neufeld on "Christ is Our Peace" from Ephesians 2:11–22, stories from Anabaptist peacebuilders in Indonesia, Colombia and Zambia, prayers and object lesson suggestions.

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Persecution past and present

Early Anabaptists in Augsburg, Germany, paid a high price for meeting at the large white house (left) in this picture. German Mennonite historian, theologian and peace activist Wolfgang Krauss retells the story to modern Anabaptists who toured historic sites in Augsburg during meetings of Mennonite World Conference Executive Committee in February 2017.

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Eun Hunki: Choosing to follow the way of Jesus

Renewal 2027 testimony: Anabaptists today

Eun Hunki's Mennonite Dairy Farm is located 40 min from Hukuzumin Mennonite Center, Hokkaido, Japan. Eun is a 1960s graduate of Mennonite Vocational School in Kyungsan, South Korea.

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Spanish-speaking YAMENers face unique challenges in Latin American placements

Serving in an area of the world relatively close to your home country where the dominant language is the same as your own might seem relatively easy. But Young Anabaptist Mennonite Exchange Network (YAMEN) participants who hail from Latin American countries and are serving in other countries in the same region are seeing differences first-hand.

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Prayers of gratitude and intercession

July 2017: Give thanks for the efforts of national governments around the world to be unified in the common cause of combating climate change and adapting to its effects through the Paris Agreement. Pray that governments and citizens will have the perseverance to meet the commitments and the foresight to plan for future results. Pray that these measures would protect the most vulnerable citizens. Read more.

July 2017: Many areas around the world are experiencing violent conflict or simmering tensions: rebel soldiers in DR Congo; persecutors of Christians in India and Nepal, Nigeria, Northern Africa, and others; government corruption and interstate tension in South Korea. Pray that our brothers and sisters walk in courage and hope rooted in Jesus as they witness to peace amid opposition to their call to follow Christ. – From Peace Sunday 2017 Worship Resources, click here to see more. 

July 2017: In North America, denominations are facing rapid technological change, shrinking congregations and shrinking budgets, challenges in sending service workers abroad and locally and theological disagreements that threaten to split congregations and denominations. Pray that hearts would be sensitive to confess how the church has also been complicit in injustice and violence toward others. Pray that the leaders and members would be divinely unified in the Spirit of Christ despite differing perspectives, and encouraged to spread the hope of the gospel. Read more.

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