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January 2015

Classic Herald Press Favorites Re-released 


Mary Emma Showalter gathered recipes from hundreds of Mennonite women across the United States and Canada for this mouth-watering collection of dishes, now updated with new color photographs and standardized measurements. This book makes a great gift for budding cooks, newlyweds, or anyone interested in joining or continuing the Mennonite tradition of great food. 


This 65th anniversary edition adds all new color photography and a brief history while retaining all of the original recipes and traditional Fraktur drawings.


Check out the Mennonite Community Cookbook blog for current contests related to the book. Keep an eye out for a feature article in an upcoming issue of The Mennonite as well. Mennonite Community Cookbook is 25% off until February 2. 

 Meditations for the Expectant Mother 

This popular series has already reached hundreds of thousands of readers. Now available in a smaller size with a redesigned cover, these beautiful devotions will continue to reach mothers on their journeys through parenthood. 

See the news release for the book series here


Click here for more information and to order.


 Meditations for New Parents 




"These meditations touched and encouraged me as a brand-new parent. I appreciated Sara and Gerald's stories of both blessing and struggle in raising their own children. This book helped me understand the profound ways that I experience God's love and my own parents' love in new ways now that I am a parent." Anna Groff, interim editor of The Mennonite


Click here for more information and to order.

Meditations for the New Mother


Helen Good Brenneman's initial book of the Meditations series is filled with thoughtful reflections and stories about motherhood. Poetry and Scripture-based devotions walk readers through 

30 days of motherhood. Beautiful, concise, and timeless. 


Meditation Series is available in print and as an ebook.



Click here for more information and to order. 


Rachel: Ellie's People, Book 3 


Mary Christner Borntrager's beloved book series was written to provide young readers insight into the world of the Amish, centering on young characters with important decisions ahead of them.

Read about Borntrager's road to authorship here


Click here for more information and to order.




Coming Soon: February and March Releases

Called to be Amish: My Journey from Head Majorette to the Old Order


"Marlene Miller's story is among the rarest of spiritual journeys: an English person who becameand remainedAmish. This book is even rarer: a firsthand tale of the trials and joys of nearly fifty years of life as an Amish convert." Erik Wesner, founder of Amish America website and author of
Success Made Simple


Order Called to Be Amish before its February 9 publication date and get 25% off your purchase!

In Search of Promised Lands: A Religious History of Mennonites in Ontario

"This long-needed and much-anticipated history of Mennonites in Ontario does not disappoint. Author Sam Steiner has undertaken meticulous research to offer a comprehensive narrative that balances the local and particular with broader contextual explanations for how the `startling diversity' of Mennonites in Ontario today came to be." Marlene Epp, professor of history, Conrad Grebel University College

Order In Search of Promised Lands before March 9 to receive a $7.00 USD discount.  
Lamentations, Song of Songs


This Old Testament study covers the full emotional register of biblical literature and helps readers understand and apply the theological wisdom contained within the poetic writings.  Wilma Ann Bailey, Professor of Christian Witness and professor of Hebrew and Aramaic Scripture at Christian Theological Seminary, delves into the sorrow of Lamentations, while Christina Bucher, professor of biblical studies at Elizabethtown College, offers interpretation for the lyric love poems of Song of Songs. 

Series volume 27

Order Lamentations, Song of Songs before its February 9 publication date and receive a $7.00 USD discount!



The book of Galatians holds both world-changing and personally transforming power for the contemporary church. George R. Brunk III, dean emeritus and professor emeritus of New Testament at Eastern Mennonite Seminary, provides valuable commentary on the powerful words of Paul, helping them reach churches and individuals today.

Series volume 28

The Believers Church Bible Commentary series is well regarded for its accessibility and relevance in today's church. 

Order Galatians before its March 23 publication date and receive a $7.00 USD discount!

Click on the book cover for more information and to order.

Discounts will show in cart. 


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