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Counsel in the heart of man is like deep water; but a man of understanding will draw it out.
Proverbs 20:5

We're Hiring!


Licensed Counselor - If are a licensed Christian counselor with an interest in counseling part-time, day or evening at FRCC, please send your resume to Peter Oscsodal at petero@fracc.org.


EVENTS VOLUNTEER - Perhaps you know that you have been gifted to help organize special events and you have wanted an opportunity to volunteer that talent. FRCC would like to put together a team of people who love doing events and who have experience, time, enthusiasm and creativity to bring to the table. We need an Events Committee to work with me to organize and orchestrate our future events. Please call me (Roxanne) at 717-442-9577 if you are thinking, "Wow! That's right up my alley!"




The Source
A note from our Executive Director, Roxanne Holcomb 
Look who recently stopped by to visit us! Our staff was delighted when Anne and Jonas Beiler (founders of FRCC and Auntie Anne's Pretzels for you newbies), stopped by our Gap office while visiting from Texas to give hugs and encouragement.  It was such a reminder to me of how they gave so much to build a ministry that would affect the lives of thousands in our communities and beyond. Their commitment here continues to change lives. 
                                                                     Miriam Blank, Rene Shatto, Jonas and Anne Beiler, Kay Weaver
Did you know that we counsel people internationally through Skype? We've counseled missionaries and others who live abroad via telephone or Skype.
How I wish I could share with you the healing that goes on behind the closed doors at FRCC. Even I don't usually know the names, nor the circumstances of those who come to us for help. I do, however, know when a counselor has joy (like a proud parent) that a client is successfully moving forward using the strategies and Biblical, therapeutic encouragement received throughout their clinical process. There is no feeling like God using us to impact the life of another person for this earthly experience, and for eternity; or of a former client returning to say, "thank you."
As you know by now, the foundation that provided over 1/3 of our annual funding dissolved in May 2014. We went immediately into survival-mode, downsizing rental space and staff. To date our bills are all paid and our payroll met but we are nearing the end of the reserves that have sustained us. Do you know what is causing a deficit in our budget...our subsidized counseling sessions. The heartbeat of why Jonas and Anne Beiler began this ministry is to make counseling available for ALL people, regardless of their economic status. And who is receiving this subsidized counseling? Primarily it is the working poor...those who are not taking government handouts, but are working hard to meet the needs of their families, so get no breaks anywhere. One scenario we are seeing all too often is retired grandparents on a fixed income raising their grandchildren. Those children typically come to them from difficult places, literally and figuratively.  Notice the word subsidized. We operate on a sliding scale fee schedule, based on our client's tax records.  Without subsidized counseling, we would not see a large portion of those we counsel.  Helping an abused child, or person with an anxiety disorder, or couple considering divorce has far-reaching consequences, in our communities, workplaces and families.
Our last newsletter was sent to 740 people and read by 242 of those on our email list. If even half of our 242 friends who are interested in FRCC click on the link below, make an automatically transferred $10 monthly donation, you will affect our budget by $1,210.00 a month and $14,520 a year. That would help provide counseling for over 300 people a year. Understand that we do not believe in giving "free" counseling. People should be invested in the process of their own healing in every way; however, many cannot afford the entire fee. Will you be one of those willing to contribute to people in your community receiving Biblical counseling? If you would like to make a one-time or recurring monthly donation to FRCC please click here Contribute Now!
If you are at a place in your life where you would like to volunteer for a Christ-centered agency, please call me personally.
 Roxanne Holcomb
Executive Director
Family Resource and Counseling Centers
717-442-9577 ex. 104

Church Partnerships
Has your church partnered with FRCC yet?

Being a Church Partner with FRCC provides:
  • Reduced counseling rates
  • Service to Servants- free counseling for pastors and their family
  • Trainings for staff, and volunteers
  • Crisis counseling

Learn more here!



FRCC is still offering Mandated Reporter training seminars to communities and churches. If you are interested in setting up a training event, please contact Rene Shatto at Renes@fracc.org



Stay Tuned!
FRCC will soon be offering Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) seminars for families at all stages of the adoption journey.


Good News!
FRCC is in the process of hiring a bi-lingual (English/Spanish) counselor. John Perez will join us in the near future.
We are in the process of credentialing a group practice with Penn Behavioral Health Systems

Did You Know?
  • is now offering Career Counseling
  • provides clinical, therapeutic, Biblical counseling
  • accepts  most insurances and EAP's
  • has private pay sliding scale fee schedule
  • has two locations, Stony Battery Rd., Lancaster and Gap
  • has 17 counselors offering a myriad of expertise
  • does crisis counseling for individuals, churches, communities and businesses
  • serves our local churches with our Church Partnership program for a significantly reduced rate
  • is excited to get to know you and see how we might meet your needs
  • offers pre-marriage counseling
  • counsels those from the Amish and Mennonite communities as well

Gap Campus                                      Lancaster Campus
835 Houston Run Drive                    1615 Stony Battery Rd
Suite 230                                            Lancaster, PA 17601
Gap, PA 17527                                   Phone: 717-285-4843
Phone: 717-442-9577                        Fax: 717-285-2825
Fax: 717-442-9672
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