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Thank you Dayspring Mennonite Church!
Thank you for creating ripples!
Have you ever thrown a stone in water and watched as the ripples ebbed away from where the stone hit?
The circle starts out small but gets bigger and bigger as it gets further away from the initial impact. Thank you Dayspring church and each of you who came and took part in making the Dayspring Auction, the last weekend in September, a success! Your gifts will have a rippling effect whether they are used locally through CareNet, across the States in Colorado at New Horizons, or across the ocean in India through Good Life! Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you to make an impact in many lives. Setting in motion ripples that will continue to impact others because of your initial investment. As you read this update be encouraged that as you share and lives are changed, the ripple effect ebbs out and even more lives are changed as those impacted continue to share Christ with others. 
Ripples of Change in One Family
SriSailam's Story
I was a leader in my village and did electrical work for a living. I wired chicken houses making good money. I began drinking alcohol and would spend all my money on drink. I would drink so much and then drive my motorcycle. I would not know what was in front of me or behind me and many times I fell off my motorcycle. One time I got hurt. My drinking became so bad no one would hire me. I went to a Catholic church but the priest there drank beer also so I didn't want to be a Christian. How could he help me if he also drank? I didn't know what to do or where to find answers for my problems.
Sam Sir came to my village to share Jesus with the children. I didn't oppose him but I let him know I didn't want him there. 

One day friends in my village were going to a meeting Sam Sir was having nearby and told me to get in the car and go with them. I'm not sure why, but I went. At the meeting Sam Sir shared that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. It was then I realized that the way I am going in my life is not the right way. I knew if I kept going my way I would destroy my life. That day, I knew Jesus is the ONLY way, and made a commitment to follow him, and believe in him.

I was able to quit drinking and once more have much work. My wife did not love Jesus and made life difficult for me by her actions and words. Many times when Sam Sir came to our home, my wife would find reason to leave, and not be there. For 3 1/2 year I prayed that my wife would come to know Jesus.
Good Life started a program in our area where they encouraged us to save money. My wife became a part of this group and as they shared about Jesus she finally opened her heart to Him. She is now a Christian and I am so happy that my wife, daughter and I can now live for Jesus together!

Pray for SriSailam and his wife as they continue to grow in Christ! We have a group preparing for baptism. Pray for those taking part that they will stand strong in their walk for Jesus!

VBS is Moving to October
Small VBS
Pray for VBS Time...
As you know our large VBS has been held the last number of years in January. Due to there being less days, over the Hindu festival in January when we normally have VBS, we are moving VBS to October. There is a festival in October with more days making it a good time to hold the VBS. 

Since we held VBS in January this October we will be bringing some of our Good Life Clubs together and encouraging the children to bring their non-Christian friends. During this time together we plan to encourage the children through Bible Lessons, songs, activities, crafts, snacks and have object lessons and puppets to make it special. We hope to be able to establish more Good Life Clubs through this outreach. Pray for this special time that children will come to know Jesus and grow stronger in their faith.
Youth Training Center
Young people from Youth Training Center  wanting to learn more about Jesus. Standing left to right: Abdul, Raju, Swathi, Joythi, Manisha, and Navaneetha.
Suicide rate of 15-29 year olds...
The goal of GLM's Training Center, for young people, is to reach the youth of India with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through their need of Spoken English and Computer skills. Classes are held year round and 60-80 students come per day. Some are believers but the majority are Hindu and Muslim.  "According to a recent World Health Organization report, India has the highest suicide rate in the world for the 15-to-29 age group. It stands at 35.5 per 100,000 people for 2012, the last year for which numbers are available." (Dec 12, 2014 CNN report) With the many issues facing young people (the need to get a good job, wanting to fit in, making major decisions in their life) we have a wonderful opportunity to point them to Christ as the One who can help them navigate through these issues. We have been encouraged and blessed that through the Training Center some young people, who were contemplating suicide, came and found hope to continue and not give up. To date 8000 or more young people have come through our doors; representing around 45 villages. 

Pray for young people who come to GLM's Youth Training Center that they will want to hear and learn more about Jesus Christ. Pray for the students pictured above who are seeking Christ.
Pray for Abdul
Abdul is the young man in the white shirt. Years ago his father, Saleem worked at our house putting in a drop ceiling. Saleem is a devout Muslim. During the time working at our house he never missed saying his prayers when he heard the call to prayer. Recently I met up with Saleem and as we were talking found out that his children were out of school. I told him about our Computer Training Center and he thought it would be a great idea for Abdulto come. As he started his motorcycle he looked at me and said, "You are not going to talk to my boy about Jesus are you?" I just smiled at him and didn't reply. I don't know what Abdul will face when his father finds out he has asked for a Bible. Pray for him. 
~ Sam
Evangelistic Tool
Creation Dvd
We are very grateful to a sponsor who is making it possible to create a dvd that can be used as an evangelistic tool. It will have beautiful pictures from Creation showing what an Awesome God we serve. It will also have native Indian speakers sharing about Creation and life from a Biblical perspective. 

Our goal is to produce a video that could be enjoyed by the whole family and be simple enough to be understood by young and old alike. Pray for wisdom and creativity for those working on the project. Pray that the Lord would bring the people needed to speak on the topics we'd like to present in the video. Pray that the Lord would go before us and prepare the hearts of those who will see it.
GOD never sends you into a situation alone. GOD goes before you. He STANDS beside you. He walks BEHIND you. Whatever situation you have right now, be CONFIDENT: GOD IS WITH YOU!
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