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Fwd: Crossfire Update: October 2015

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Greetings from Crossfire Youth Ministries,

Our mission: to touch the heart of hurting youth with the Love of Jesus Christ! At the end of the day if all we accomplish is to give the Crossfire children – Love, Hope and a crossfire family security….we have accomplished our goals. The rest is up to God to work His miracle in each life!


Our 3rd Annual Banquet is being held on Tuesday October 13th at Weaver Markets. We shall enjoy a delicious meal buffet, and 3 unique testimony's of lives that God has changed and how Crossfire played a role. The one testimony will be from a grandmother who came to Jesus just a short time ago, and you will see firsthand how God has given her Hope and a future …Call me at 717.278.3102 to reserve your seat.


ExtraOrdinaryGive will be holding its annual fundraiser for nonprofits in Lancaster County on November 20th. Mark this date on your calendar and plan on giving a little extra to Crossfire Youth Ministries on that date. See for more details. Last year donors gave over $13,000 to Crossfire on that date. Thank you in advance for your generosity.


Teen Challenge will be providing a Friday night program on the 16th. We look forward to hearing their testimonies and seeing how God might use this time to minister to our High School group. Keep this night in your prayers!


United Zion Camp Weekend – October 23-25, is our 15th annual weekend retreat joining up with the United Zion churches. The teens enjoy 2 nights away, 5 excellent meals, lots of fun and games….and also several devotional times of worship, teaching & ministry. This has always been a unique weekend with God always showing up and touching lives…..Pray that God will soften hearts to be open to His Love.


A few weeks ago I was given the honor of playing a role in marrying Zachariah & Emily Opple. Both Zac & Emily attended Crossfire over the years, with Emily coming on board at 8 years old…..and being involved in many Crossfire activities and missions opportunity. Pray that God will bless this young couple.


Denver Fair opportunities – A few weeks ago we provided a Ring toss event. It was heart-warming to meet children, teens, young couples, parents with children, parents, grandparents ect…. Who over the years have been blessed by the ministry of Crossfire. The one day a young lady stopped by to shake my hand and say "Thank You". She said you don't know me, but my younger sister attended Crossfire for only 2 or 3 times, but in those few times it completely changed her life and for that I want to thank you….. I was speechless to say the least……Praise God for the work He does.


Our Ashland Youth Center continues to touch the lives of hurting children & teens up North. We have seen as many as 20 children on a Saturday afternoon. Bringing Hope to hurting kids is our specialty. Keep this community in your prayers. God has planted us there 12 years ago and it truly is to plant seeds…..


Our Elementary crew on Wednesday evenings continue to provide us with a lively evening. Over 30 children attend and they love Crossfire & more are loving God!


Our Middle school crew on Thursday evenings continue to see over 30 attend. The highlight of this evening is the singing time! They love to sing!

We could spent our entire evening singing…..God bless this unique crew that He is pouring His Spirit into…..


Our High School crew meets on Friday nights. We see over 30 teens for this 5 hour evening. Fun times, good food & thought provoking devotional times make this one of my favorite evenings…..


Fall Festival – On October 14th, Indiantown Mennonite Church will be hosting its annual festival here at Crossfire for our Wednesday evening crew & families. Free food, games & even a hayride if the weather permits it…..make this a most memorable evening and has been over the years.


Parkview Mennonite Church continues to bless us each month with a free meal for the Wednesday evening crew. We have enjoyed this unique time of partnering in ministry to bless these kids…..This is a much needed and appreciated time of service!


Please keep us in your prayers…..consider supporting us financially……consider volunteering your time here on an evening….just listening and loving on a precious child or teen.


Sincerely Serving Him (with a dedicated team of volunteers),

James L Horning

Crossfire Youth Ministries

514 Wabash Road

Ephrata PA  17522