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Fwd: March 31st - 3 Reasons why this date is important

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Here are a few reasons why March 31st is an important date: 


1) Not just one but TWO more Planned Parenthood clinics will be closed! Easton & Bristol locations voluntarily shutting down.


Video Screenshot - Easton Planned ParenthoodPlanned Parenthood Keystone (one of their three regions in PA) announced they will be closing two more clinics by the end of the month. The Easton clinic had provided medical abortions (over 300 in 2015) whereas the Bristol location only made abortion referrals. 


For reference, Planned Parenthood Keystone (one of three regions in PA) made a net profit of over $621k in their last reporting yearover 25% of their revenue coming from government grants – i.e. your tax dollars.


What's happening in Easton is particularly interesting - make sure to watch our 1-minute video to find out more or visit


Lydia's perfect smile2) Last day to submit photos for our Pro-Life Project. Born at 24 weeks and earlier.


We have spoken to several families about participating together in a photo project of children born premature at 24 weeks and earlier holding a picture of themselves at the time of their birth. 


Our deadline to submit is March 31st so if you know of any families that would like to participate, please contact Dan at for more information. And your prayers about the effectiveness of this project would be appreciated.

3) Student Privacy Workshop @ PLC. Friday, March 31st, 9am - 11am, Camp Hill


Workshop details: Find out how you can make a difference in protecting student privacy rights and safety related to sex-specific bathroom and locker room use, sports teams and overnight accommodations on class trips. It is up to you and members of your community to protect the students in your school district from harmful school policies or new directives from state government. 


Both Randall Wenger and Jeremy Samek, attorneys with our Independence Law Center, are trainers at this workshop.


To attend both the workshop & the PA Leadership Conference (PLC): go to Use the promo code "PFI" and save $5 off registration.


If you are interested in just attending the workshop, contact Carolyn at


PLC - featuring Ben Shapiro



Update: SB3 / HB77 (Ending Late-term and Dismemberment abortions in PA)


Map of States with 20 week abortion limits - YES on SB3Last year, legislation was introduced in both chambers that move the current abortion limit of up to SIX MONTHS in pregnancy to five months and to end the barbaric practice of ripping babies limbs apart to allow them to bleed to death. The PA House had passed their legislation overwhelmingly but the State Senate essentially ran out of time.


This year, the State Senate passed their bill, SB3, by a 32-18 vote. The PA House has also introduced legislation, HB77, with Representative Kathy Rapp as the lead sponsor. 


Either of these bills can now be brought up for passage in the PA House. We encourage you to please contact your State Representative to voice support for both SB3 & HB77. Click here to use our Citizen Action Center to send an email or go to


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