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Greetings from VidaNet!

VidaNet is focused on growing up and reaching out and we do this through discipleship! El Nido is our prenatal center, which helps mothers and their young children. El Nido helps women with not only humanitarian aid but also through a relationship with a christian counselor. Therefore, El Nido is growing up and reaching out!
Story of El Nido
El Nido was started 5 years ago after Gloria Hoover felt a strong calling to invite a young woman into her house. The story is amazing and seeing God's hand throughout it all is so unreal! Take a look at the story of El Nido!

is El Nido?
Take a look at what El Nido is doing for women in Latin America!
As El Nido grows, there is more of a demand of a financial need! The more money we can raise, the more centers we can start and then the more women we can reach!
"It becomes like a little church of women!"
- Gloria Hoover
We are attempting to raise $21,000 of monthly support.

This financial goal
is broken down into the four categories of expenses shown below.
  • $10,000 monthly for Base Expenses
  • $8,000 monthly for our Vida220 Discipleship school Expenses
  • $2,000 for Administration Expenses
  • $1,000 monthly for the ministry expenses of El Nido
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Be a part of Transformation!

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