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Fwd: The miracle of Pentecost

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Subject: The miracle of Pentecost
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Why was the miracle of Pentecost about many people understanding one message transmitted in many different languages, rather than one message given in only one language?

One message shared in multiple languages implies that the message assumes different forms in each culture. Those who speak many languages know that the grammatical structure and the words used to express an idea shape the same idea in different ways in each language. The same message takes on different nuances when expressed in each language. Yet, it is still one message:

The power of God is made evident in Jesus, Lord and Saviour,
whom death on a cross could not conquer

One message: Jesus – whose life, death and resurrection calls us to repentance and a radical life change. Only one message, with different nuances, forms and implications, but still one and the same message. Unity – with space for differences without changing – is the essence of the good news.

Lord, continue to pour out your Spirit on the church as you did in Pentecost!

In Christ,   


César García,  
MWC general secretary                                     

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