Friday, February 17, 2017

Fwd: What happened to this florist is wrong!

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Subject: What happened to this florist is wrong!

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What happened to this florist is wrong!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Dear Supporter,

You may have heard that our friend Barronelle Stutzman lost her case at the Washington state Supreme Court yesterday. Barronelle is the florist from Richmond, Washington, who declined to participate in a homosexual wedding ceremony because she said her Christian faith would not allow her to do so. For this the state of Washington came down on her with a lawsuit saying she could not deny her services to LGBT members, even if it violated her religious convictions.

This is wrong! Over a year ago, AFA Action presented an award to Barronelle in Washington, D.C., at the Values Voter Summit thanking her for her stand and letting her know there were millions of her brothers and sisters praying for her from across the country. Her case now likely will be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court. Please lift Barronelle up today in prayer as she is dealing with the news she received yesterday. We will be in contact with her and help her in whatever way we can. She was defended by our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom.

I encourage you to read this article by David French of the National Review. It is excellent and frames the issue in the most profound way. Please take a few minutes to read it and pass it along to others. There is confusion even in the Christian community over this issue of religious freedom. AFA Action will keep informing and keep fighting. We encourage you to do the same.

IMPORTANT! One more thing you can do to help is sign our petition to President Trump. Join us in urging him to sign an executive order protecting religious liberty, so that what happened to Barronelle won't happen to someone else.

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Rob Chambers
Rob Chambers, Vice-President
AFA Action

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