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Fwd: Giving Thanks & Celebrating Community

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Subject: Giving Thanks & Celebrating Community
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Dear LM Family, Alumni and Friends,

Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year and living in Lancaster County makes it even more special. The fall colors are a highlight, I just wished they lasted longer! 

The Superintendent position means I field difficult issues, but it is also the best for experiencing the blessings of Lancaster Mennonite. Here are a few blessings this fall at Lancaster Mennonite.

Blessings at Lancaster Mennonite!
  • Knowledgeable teachers who genuinely care and support student success, going the extra mile, caring enough to challenge a student's faith or behavior.  Faith expectations are not a mandate, but teachers ask relevant questions, or have a sincere conversation about choices and outcomes. 
  • LM also has numerous dedicated staff who devote hours to doing their jobs well, and supporting faculty and students. We have amazing facilities and they look great, because our staff truly cares.
  • Students who reciprocate care for the faculty or staff members who experience loss or illness. Students are LM! Every program: sports, drama production, quiz bowl, academic, service project are students on display. They represent well!
  • Faithful families who volunteer at fundraisers and school events or donate to the many school projects. It takes all of us to support students.

LM is an alternative family unit. We spend more hours together in a week than most families. The sheer amount of time we spend together as staff and students makes that a reality, but it really goes much deeper than the amount of time. All the small interactions call us to walk together in Christ's footsteps.

Please join me this Thanksgiving season in offering a prayer of thanksgiving, God is good! LM is richly blessed, and we are thankful you are part of us. We celebrate the gift of community and family and the opportunity to walk together celebrating the milestones, holding each other up in the challenges and striving for a better tomorrow.   

With Thanks,
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Pam Tieszen, Ed.D.
LM Superintendent

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John 14: 27
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