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Extend your generosity 

Your Everence® team is committed to contributing to the health and well-being of our communities in a variety of ways, including hosting Stewardship University, rolling up our sleeves to participate in a citywide day of service and partnering in generosity with local churches through the Sharing Fund
We know generosity is important to you as well. Consider contacting a member of our team, who will help you identify creative and strategic ways to extend your generosity.

– Douglas Umble, Managing Director

Let us help you plan

Events beyond our control can nudge our investments higher or lower. A few steps that are under our control can make a difference, says Chad Horning, Everence® Chief Investment Officer.

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Development conference registration underway

Helping leaders of churches and charitable organizations stimulate and nurture generosity to strengthen their missions is what the upcoming Everence® Development Conference is all about.

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2019 Everence Video - a story of new horizons

The Everence® impact, results and inspiring stories of expanding and embracing new horizons are highlighted in the 2019 Everence Video.

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C. Douglas Umble, REBC
Managing Director
Everence Financial
(717) 653-6662

Nicole Shingle, CGPA, CAP®
Regional Director
Everence Financial
(717) 653-6662

Central Penn office locations:

Lincoln Highway E., Lancaster
Financial advisors:
(717) 394-0769
Credit union: (717) 291-1364
Mount Joy
Financial advisors:
(717) 653-6662
Credit union: (717) 653-2985
Financial advisors:
(717) 733-9414
Credit union: (717) 721-6180
Credit union: (717) 935-0025
Financial advisors:
(717) 697-1728

Financial advisors:
(717) 251-2131

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